5 Benefits of Investing in a Quality Pump for Your Swimming Pool


Whether you are looking to install a new pool in your yard, or you simply want to upgrade the pool you already have, the subject of the pool pump is going to come up. While you can choose an inexpensive pump, there are reasons to choose one of better quality.

Better Level of Energy Use

When you choose a quality pool pump, they tend to have better energy efficiency. In fact, some pumps can cut energy costs by up to 90% compared to lesser models. Whether you’re running water jets, a waterfall, or a pool cleaner, the pumps use only the required amount of energy to ensure efficiency.

Option to Control the Way the Pump Operates

Some pool pumps have limited options and may only allow you to turn them on or off. With a quality pump, you can program flow patterns during the day. You can slow things down at night and turn it up during the day or make another schedule that works for you. 

May Create Less Noise than a Lesser Quality Pump

The best pool pump is one that makes less noise than others. Lesser models can be very loud and cause stress when people are trying to relax. You can install noise dampening materials, but these can only do so much to resolve the issue. It’s better to go with a high-quality pump instead.

Have a Pump that Lasts Longer Than Average

When you pick a great pool pump, it is likely to last longer than others. A less expensive model might last only a year or two, whereas a quality option can last for much longer. This makes it a great investment, even if you spend more at the onset of the purchase.

Better Filtration Can Lead to Cleaner Water

It stands to reason that a pool pump that works well is going to make the water cleaner. If you want to ensure your kids and other guests enjoy your pool, it’s worth spending a bit more to get that peace of mind for yourself.

If you need a new pool pump, don’t be afraid to look at the more advanced models. They offer a selection of features that can save time and money while making the pool a place everyone wants to spend their time.