5 Benefits of Wood Furniture for Your Home


When buying new furniture for your home, one of the first things you need to consider is the material. Glass and acrylic are popular choices for modern furniture, but it’s hard to beat the beauty and longevity of wood. Wood furniture can last a lifetime with proper care and easily complement any décor in your home.

If you’re still on the fence about buying wood furniture, here are five benefits to consider.

1. Durability

When it comes to durability, solid wood furniture tops the list. Wood is extremely strong and highly durable. Quality wood furniture is crafted with hardwoods, like maple, oak or walnut. These woods are known to stand the test of time and exposure to extreme elements.

Wood’s high durability means that you get excellent value for the money. Wood furniture also holds its value for many years. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re buying real, solid wood. Only genuine hardwoods offer the durability and strength that you want.

Solid wood furniture can easily last for decades with proper care. Some families have been passing down their wood furniture for generations, so it’s well worth the investment.

2. Sustainability

When responsibly sourced and certified, natural wood furniture is a sustainable, eco-friendly way to furnish your home. Wood has been used to construct furniture for centuries because it’s one of the most sustainable building materials available.

When wood is responsibly sourced, like the wood furniture from TESLYAR, harvested trees are replenished for new growth. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of producing wood furniture is much lower than other types of building materials.

Wood can also be a sustainable option because you can purchase from local artisans. It’s an opportunity to support local businesses and individuals rather than large businesses. You’re supporting your local economy and reducing the time it takes the transport furniture from one place to another.

3. Style

Any type of wood furniture looks good just about anywhere in your home. The beauty of wood is that it’s naturally beautiful and its neutral tones complement any décor.

Wood furniture can look just as good sitting in a living room full of modern furniture as it does in a rustic-style home. Not to mention that you can find wood furniture in both of these styles for seamless blending with your existing décor.

The versatility of wood makes it a great option for furnishings. Larger pieces of wood furniture with mirrors and cabinets can really bring your home to life while adding more function to your space.

No matter your personal style or preference, you’re sure to find wood furniture that you love.

4. Variety

If you’re looking for strength and durability, the best wood for furniture is hardwood. There are so many varieties of hardwoods to choose from, and they all have their own unique characteristics that make them appealing.

Some of the most popular hardwoods used to build furniture are:

·         Oak

·         Pine

·         Walnut

·         Cherry

·         Hickory

·         White oak

·         Elm

·         Brown maple

Wood is such a special material for furniture because no two pieces are the same. Each piece of furniture has a unique grain pattern and color. Some grain patterns are richer in color while others are wider or more blended together. This is an art that you will see with furniture by The Amish Craftsman.

If you’re looking for furniture that’s truly unique, wood is the best option.

5. Easy Maintenance

Another great advantage of wood furniture is that it’s so easy to maintain. In fact, maintenance is virtually effortless.

All you have to do is dust with a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down your furniture with a quality wood cleaner, like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Furniture oil can also help polish and seal your furniture to keep it looking its best.

The only real issue with wood is that moisture can cause warping and discoloration. Always make sure that you’re using a coaster when placing drinks or plates on wood furniture.

Otherwise, maintaining wood furniture is incredibly easy and won’t require more than just a few minutes of care each week.


Wood furniture is an investment, but it’s one that will give you a great return. When properly cared for, your wood furniture can last a lifetime. Best of all, its timeless style means that your furniture will always look great in your home.