5 Best Barbershops in Chicago


In yesteryear, traditional barber shops were places where men could get groomed while discussing a variety of topics among their peers. Some modern shops still retain this old-school barber shop atmosphere. Others have graduated to more upscale offerings and premium products. Since today’s men have differing styles and tastes, this list of the top five Chicago barber shops reflect the city’s diversity.


#1 Van Buren Gentleman’s Salon and Spa

Van Buren Gentleman’s Salon and Spa provides luxurious grooming services that cater to the needs of downtown Chicago’s businessmen. The male salon is staffed by a team of professional stylists, barbers and estheticians that offer a variety of deluxe services. Besides custom haircuts, the salon provides shaves, waxing services and spa manicures. Men can also obtain consultative advice and services for covering gray hair and preventing hair loss.

#2 Gabby’s Barber Shop

Gabby’s Barber Shop offers classic haircuts in a traditional atmosphere. The shop’s five barber stations and mirrored background are reminiscent of early American barber shops that appeared in fictional towns like Mayberry. However, the five staff barbers are highly efficient since their numerous customers are served on a first-come, first-served basis. Gabby’s has been providing its Chicago clients with reasonably priced cuts for decades. While the shop is characteristically a no-frills affair, it offers free wireless internet for waiting customers.


#3 State Street Barbers

State Street Barbers combines the best attributes of traditional barber shop atmosphere and service with modern, upgraded products. The shop’s services include signature haircuts, hot lather shaves, shampoos, gray hair blending services and soothing scalp massages. Recognizing that a great barber shop experience is a rite of passage for men of all ages, State Street Barbers offers age-appropriate grooming packages for men and boys. The barbers and stylists at State Street Barbers want their customers to look their best every day and not just after a recent visit to the shop. They educate their clients so that hairstyles can be replicated at home. The shop also offers complimentary clean-up neck shaves to loyal customers at their four Chicago locations.

#4 Chicago’s Best Barbershop

Chicago’s Best Barbershop is staffed by hair artisans who know how to give classic haircuts as well as custom, urban cuts that satisfy the most cutting-edge style preferences. The shop features fair prices, a laid-back atmosphere, generous operating hours and two locations.

#5 Truefitt and Hill

Truefitt and Hill has been pampering distinguished gentlemen since its establishment in London in 1805. The barber shop’s Chicago location continues to attract upscale clients with its classic barbering techniques and fine grooming products. Famous past and present Truefitt and Hill patrons include Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and Sir Paul McCartney.

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