5 Best Destinations for Soul Searching


 “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.” -Paul Coelho

No matter how well things may be going in life, it all starts getting monotonous when you limit it to the same activities, day in and day out. Sometimes, you need a getaway to get back in touch with yourself. Do you feel like life is just passing you by? If so, it’s time to break the tedium and travel to faraway lands for some soul searching. Here are some remarkable destinations that will reawaken your mind and soul.



Visit the land of motley cultures, religions, and languages and dip yourself into the diversity of this beautiful country. North India possesses breath-taking backdrops that will make you feel one with nature. Embark on a trek on the snow-capped terrains of Spiti Valley and camp out at night to gaze at the star-lit sky. Head to the Rann of Kutch for an altogether different experience; when the shining, full moon illumines the white sands and imparts to them an ethereal glow, you’ll feel like a new person. 

United Kingdom

Go on a backpacking trip across the UK, engage with the locals, and explore the rich heritage of this mesmerizing country. When in Scotland, visit the town of Edinburgh to see Scotland’s majestic castles and magnificent jewels. Plan a trip to Belfast and let the disarming Irish charm win you over. Head to Titanic Belfast to get a deeper insight into the history of the ship. Don’t forget to visit their famous pubs to bond with the Irishmen.


Although Bali has gained popularity over the years as a party destination, it does not run short of meditation sanctuaries and yoga retreats either. Water babies must visit Raja Ampat for a transcending scuba diving experience. Explore the cultural roots of Indonesia at Tana Toraja highlands. Witness the tribes practicing rituals and ceremonies amidst the purple mountains at Baliem Valley.


Embrace your spiritual side in “The Land of Thunderbolt”, also named as the happiest place to live on Earth. Bhutan is the sort of country whose tranquility will envelope you, almost as soon as you step inside. Get in touch with your inner-self at the Budhha Dornenma statue and the Tiger’s Nest. If you are an adventure seeker, take a hike to the Chele Pass that offers sweeping views of their sacred Jomolhari Mountain. 

New Zealand

If your vacation goals include the perfect blend of an exciting nightlife and secluded, virgin beaches, New Zealand is the place for you. Get transported to a different (and better) world with Auckland’s panoramic views of lush vineyards and astounding volcanic fields. The Great Barrier Island is a quaint island that has everything from hot pools to fun hiking trails. 

We’ve all felt lost at some point in our life. When touring halfway across the world, you realize how vast the universe is, making your problems seem infinitesimal. 

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