5 Best Places to Snowmobile in Canada


Winter is fast approaching and so is the snowmobiling season. For winter sports enthusiasts, this is the season for weekend trips to snow-coated regions with snowmobiling trails. Canada has gained a reputation as one of the best places to go snowmobiling and partly due to its ideal weather, but also for its iconic trails. 

But in the abundance of winter charm in Canada, where is the best place to snowmobile? Here we’re going to take you on a tour of the snowmobiling regions in Canada where you can have the best snowmobile trips of your lifetime!

Top Places to go Snowmobiling in Canada

Here are the five top snowmobiling destinations in Canada. If you’d like some tips on selecting a snowmobile as well, visit Surex.

The Laurentian Region, QC

The Laurentian Mountains in Québec is home to one of the most gorgeous snowmobiling destinations in Canada. It’s also the place of the first snowmobilers club in the world, the “Club Pionniers Laurentides”! At the Laurentian mountains, there are over 2400 km of trails for you to ride through, so count on non-stop fun on your trip!

There are various trails to choose from, each catering to the snowmobiler’s preferences. And there are plenty of places that rent out snowmobiles to visitors. Fly to the Mont-Tremblant Airport in La Macaza, the city where you can rent your snowmobiles upon arrival. If you’re travelling with your own snowmobile, check out Hôtel du Chasseur, which was named a secure hotel in the region by the FCMQ. For more lodging and rental options, click here.

The popular Devilish Trail is one to explore. Stop at the top of the Montagne du Diable (Devil’s Mountain) to rest, relax, and eat at the restaurant-bar, which is a popular resting stop for snowmobilers. Also, bask in the picturesque views of the Chute du Windigo (Windigo falls), another popular scenic stop. 

The Northern Corridor, ON

The “Gateway to the North” is the highest-ranking trail loop in Ontario, full of well-groomed, smooth trails for 215 km. The Northern Corridor is the name of this overall district and is located about 730 km from Toronto, in Cochrane. This snowmobiling getaway is one of the best places to go snowmobiling in Canada, for its stunning views, open areas, and trails that are smooth and easy to ride on. 

Smooth Rock Falls has 220 km of snowmobiling trails and is one of the towns through which you should consider doing your tours. An exciting adventure and ambitious trail, the Smooth Rock Powerline Run is the perfect challenge for the seasoned snowmobiler enthusiast. 

There are plenty of restaurants in the area that serve Canadian comfort cuisine: poutine, hamburgers and fries, pizza, and steak. Also, with many lodging options, you’re sure to have a stay there that’s as comfortable as it is convenient.

Whistler, BC

Known for its recreational activities, Whistler is one of the hot spots for snowmobiling in Canada. Whistler is a mountain city, located 2 hours north from Vancouver. It’s an ideal location for the winter activities as it always has a good season for snow and winter weather. Ranked one of the best winter destinations in Canada, your lodgings options will be in a charming and quaint tourist village where you can relax, shop, eat, and enjoy the scenic sights. 

In the Whistler snowmobiling trails, you can do what’s called powder snowmobiling. This makes it one of the best places to snowmobile in Canada because snowmobilers love this method and you can’t do it in every snowmobiling region. It’s perfect for cruising around in open areas and playing around with techniques. 

Whistler offers packages for beginners and experienced riders, all who can have a fun time with family and friends. Whistler offers the best of both worlds for tourists: there are resort options for those who like to travel in style and cozy hostels for those on a budget. It’s fun all the time, and a fun time for all!

Gaspésie Region, QC

No surprise this region is from Québec, because this province is so abundant with splendid sights and paradises of the natural world. Gaspésie is one of the best places to snowmobile in Canada, due to the diversity of nature that you’ll see. It has well-groomed trails along the coast of the St. Lawrence River as well as mountainous trails. 

One of the most recommended areas of the Gaspésie trails is the Percé rock. Once at the top, you’ll take in the panoramic views that are picture-worthy. Also, it’s a great place to make a stop and see the little village of Percé. Among the other areas that are worth going to is the Chic-Choc mountains, where there are some of the highest peaks in the province and where people have commonly spotted moose on the trails!

Gaspé has wonderful options for lodgings. It has luxurious seaside hotels, as well as cozy cottage-style options. It also has two snowmobile clubs where you can rest up with your travel companions to recharge your snowmobiles or wind down after a full and active day. 

Cape Breton Island, NS

Nova Scotia is where you’ll have one of the best snowmobile trips in your life. It has garnered a reputation for well-groomed trails and smooth riding. Cape Breton Island in particular is most loved by the snowmobiling tourists. One place worth checking out there is the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail. It goes from Port Hastings to Inverness, boasting its coastal beauty. It’s a 92 km trail that is easy to ride on, passing through sights of nature to behold.

And of course it’s a must to mention the highlands of Cape Breton. The highlands are where it’s very possible to spot some animals: moose, fox, deer, coyotes, and more! With more than a thousand kilometres of trails, your fun is only extended. While in the highlands, make sure to set your destination to Cape Clear. It’s a popular stop area where you can look over the Margaree River Valley.