5 Best Ways to Get Straight Hair


If you’ve decided to give a final blow to your dry and frizzled hair, here’s some help. Fortunately, there are several techniques to get smooth and silky hair. In fact, most of these treatments give amazing results in just a few hours. Remember that results depend on the skill levels of your Makeup Artist DC . Let’s have a glance at some of these techniques:

  1. Keratin and Brazilian Blowout Treatment

The first on our list is the Keratin and Brazilian blowout treatment. This technique is suitable for color-treated or chemically processed hair. In this technique, natural keratin is applied on hair cuticles. As a result, frizziness gets reduced. Hair also begins to look a lot shinier.

It should be noted that this treatment uses a comparatively lesser amount of formaldehyde. It allows hair to regain its natural texture in a matter of few months.


  1. Japanese Straightening:

Japanese Straightening is also commonly called as thermal reconditioning. This is a procedure to chemically break the hair’s protein bonds. A dedicated straightening solution is utilized in the process to saturate the process. After saturating it, the stylist will wash and dry the hair. In the end, he’ll flat-iron small sections surrounding the head.

This treatment is ideal for hair that is not colored or processed in any way. The end results also tend to be a tad different from the Keratin treatment. Apart from smooth tresses, you will be gifted with beautiful straighten hair.



  1. Chemical Relaxer:

For coarse and frizzled hair, the best bet would be chemical relaxer. The latest techniques are way cheaper than other methods in the industry. However, it has its own share of downsides; the most notable one is the duration of the results. Sadly, this treatment barely lasts for anything between six to eight weeks. Interestingly, this treatment can be easily conducted at home. However, you are advised to be very careful and do a little research beforehand.



  1. Duration of Permanency:

Almost all straightening methods are permanent in nature until re-growth happens. Once you have hit this point, visit the salon to again go through the treatment. You also have the option of over-the-counter smoothing treatments. The most notable ones include Ojon Super Sleek, Keratin Perfect, etc.

Interestingly, these smoothing treatments can be done at home. In this way, you’ll save some cash as well. Remember that using special shampoos and conditioners will help in getting best results with ease.

Majority of treatments will consume at least an hour of your precious time. They will again ask for repetition of the treatment.



  1. Hair Extensions:

Last but not the least, Bethesda Hair Extensions are safest way to get beautiful hair. And you also have the option to choose from different hair styles. You can choose from Indian, Brazilian, European hair, etc. In our view, you must choose natural Remy hair, even when natural options tend to be expensive.


In the end, remember that all hair treatments involve use of numerous chemicals. So, you must consult an expert for any query or doubt.