5 Car Gadgets That Are an Utter Distraction


When we go to work or go shopping at Woolworths we have to take our vehicles there. The problem that each of us faces as drivers is the distractions that come while we are inside the vehicle, and most of the time these are from gadgets we might have. These distractions have been known to catch us off guard so all of sudden we don’t realize what happens, and we’ve just run off the road or run into another car’s boot that was at a traffic stop.

It’s best to understand what these distractions are and have a respect for the vehicles we are driving because one day one of these distractions might cost us our lives. Today, we will be going over the five car gadgets that are an utter distraction.

Top Five Distractions

  1. Cell Phones

If you think back to before there were cell phones, most people just listened to the radio and focused on driving. Well now here in the 21st century our cell phones can be a bothersome activity that we have Bluetooth that keeps us focused on talking with another person and when we concentrate on details we have to remember talking to that person then that distracts us from what we are doing, driving!

Furthermore, people have become obsessed with texting and this is true when we drive as well. Keeping one hand on the wheel while the other on the phone and looking down to send a text is extremely dangerous and many accidents are caused this way.

  1. GPS

The days of using maps have almost vanished. Some people still rely on them but for others, it’s the new modern version called GPS. Most of the time you would think that GPS giving us directions would be very helpful, but if you have to input the directions while driving, this can be dangerous too, because you take your mind off what you’re doing to input directions into your GPS device.

  1. Laptops

You would think that most people keep their work at their place of employment, but today we live in an age where many people take their work home with them. There are actually people that have their laptops open to finish a presentation or finish up on last-minute details on a report they’re working on. Again, this takes away the driver’s concentration and can be extremely dangerous!

  1. Front Console LCD TV

This option for your vehicle is popular all over the world including here in Australia, but the problem with this is that people may be watching a DVD, and then they lose focus on the road and end up getting into an accident because they saw something interesting on the DVD they were watching.

  1. Virtual Reality Glasses

These devices have just started hitting the marketplace and already people have used them while driving. Devices like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens isn’t the best idea when you need to be focused on the road. These devices are wonderful to use when you may be at your home or even at work, as they require your full attention.


When you are in Melbourne on the road coming home, make sure you’re not distracted. We have to remember that driving is a responsibility and a privilege, and we can hurt ourselves and other drivers if we don’t pay attention. If we need our time for other than driving, then its best to hire silver service cabs in Melbourne  as they can get you to your destination without worrying about getting into an accident.