5 careers for you to realistically consider if you love driving


There are plenty of car-related careers out there. If you love a particular automotive brand, you could become a salesperson or marketer for it. Especially in-depth knowledge could even get you a job as an automotive historian or teacher. However, what if you want to do some actual driving? 

Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs besides the unrealistic – say, becoming the next Lewis Hamilton – that would let you become hands-on with vehicles. Here are just some examples of those jobs. 

Taxi driver

It’s an obvious one, so it might as well be listed first. Don’t too quickly dismiss it if you currently class it as rather unglamorous. The Sun admits that your wage would vary depending on factors like how many hours you work and the hourly rate you charge, but non-financial benefits still abound. 

For example, the flexible hours would let you fit the work around other pursuits, while you would get to regularly visit new places and learn thoroughly about local roads.


If you love the rush of satisfaction as you find the solution to one technical problem or another, imagine being able to do that with cars. That would be your work if you become a mechanic, whether at a garage or dealership service center. So, where would the driving come in?

Well, as you’ll need to test-drive each car you have repaired, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a new car every day. Result!

Game developer

As already acknowledged, you might not quite become a Formula 1 ace – but, even if so, you could still get pretty close to it by designing and programming racing video games, one of the car-related career routes highlighted by The News Wheel

Perhaps you could put your favorite real-life car into the game, or even make a whole new vehicle. You would then be free to drive it digitally – as roughly and recklessly as you like!

Ambulance driver

It would undoubtedly be a testing job, both emotionally and physically. However, if you are an excellent driver, and especially if you have worked in a patient care setting and hold a first aid certificate, you could consider taking up work as an ambulance driver.

You would need to be in action on evenings and weekends, since emergency services, by their very nature, should never be unavailable. However, driving an ambulance is literally lifesaving work – and could even help to prepare you for a career as a paramedic.  


A courier, otherwise known as a parcel delivery driver, has the job of collecting packages, documents and messages before delivering them to customers. As the UK’s National Careers Service explains, working as a courier would require a full driving license and attention to detail. 

It would also be a good idea for you to take out a goods in transit insurance policy, which would provide financial protection if cargo you deliver is lost, damaged or stolen in transit. There’s a wealth of online advice about this insurance.