5 characteristics of a well-designed kitchen


There is a common belief that a kitchen is the heart of almost every house. And it is for a reason. I bet many would agree it is hard to find another room in the house that offers an atmosphere comparable to the kitchen’s one. The smell of a freshly baked cake, the boiling water in the kettle, and the delicious food. A mix of all that makes it so unique and so welcoming. Moreover, the chances of finding another human being in this area are high. People like to spend time there. 

However, it wasn’t always like that. You may or may not have noticed, but the trend of passing the time in the kitchen hasn’t been around forever. Back in the day, people used to treat this part of their home differently. Galleys were a utility room. Period. Space was dedicated solely to cooking. Sounds a bit harsh, I know. But yet everything has an explanation, so does this attitude. Have you ever seen those big 18th-century metal stoves in a historical museum? Those things were loud and wood-fueled. As you may imagine, they produced a lot of heat and an unpleasant smell. Also, kitchens were quite small. Not exactly the description of the best place to spend a cozy afternoon, is it?

It wasn’t until the post World War II boom that the perception of housing in general, kitchens included, has started to change.. Once functional kitchenettes got more spacious, better equipped, and easier to work in. 

The transformation grew to such an extent that nowadays, a thoughtfully designed kitchen is a source of pride to many people. It is a place where hosts intentionally invite and entertain their guests — having agreed upon it, it’s time to take a closer look at what characteristics make a great kitchen.  Here are five simple steps to make your kitchen a place you, your family, and guests would never want to leave. 

  • Layout

Making the kitchen’s layout a functional and gorgeous one is one of the main goals of any renovation. Most modern designers will divide the kitchen into at least two sections – “hot” for cooking and “cold” for storage. Then it’s up to you.

One of the sample ideas of a well-designed place considers a fridge moved away from other machines like a dishwasher, which actually should be somewhere under the shelf where you keep your mugs. The countertop should be wide enough to put a cutting board on it and still have plenty of free space. Also, it should be long enough to enable at least three people to prepare food at the same time. There should be a space separating the kitchen counter from the dining table. 

Why all the trouble? To make it user-friendly and user-centered. Well planned kitchens are designed to predict all the possible actions and, based on that, adjust all the details. 

  • Perfect lightening 

We are talking both natural and artificial. It is always more pleasant to be in a well-illuminated place. Moreover, plenty and variety of lighting allows you to cook almost at any time of the day. 

An expertly designed kitchen should have at least three different types of lightning

  • Natural lightening. Your eyes get tired more slowly if you work under the natural light. Also, it emphasizes all the luminous elements of your kitchen’s design. Things tend to look better and more eye-pleasing. Consider setting your kitchen in a room with a big window, if not two or three.
  • Task lightening. Mains led under cabinet lighting helps you chop your meat without chop your fingers. In other words, it makes cooking safer and more effective. 
  • Accent lighting. This is for aesthetic reasons exclusively. 
  • Details 

Unique details will make your kitchen stand out. Vintage cupboards, souvenir mugs, carved cabinetry, a wall with a different color on it, a painting on a ceiling, or mosaic tiles are just some of the ideas you could see in a designer kitchen. 

  • Adjusted technology 

One of the first things you will see in a modern kitchen is cutting-edge technology appliances. Functionality and endurance are two of the essential characteristics of those objects. A satisfied kitchen user utilizes his devices for years on. An important aspect to take into consideration when deciding on perfect kitchen appliances is their difficulty of using. They are supposed to help you, not frustrate you. 

  • Price 

A well-designed kitchen doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. How come? It doesn’t include objects you will not use. All of the furniture, appliances, cutleries that make up a nicely designed kitchen are supposed to serve you. Thanks to that, you don’t spend your money unnecessarily.

Ultimately, if a kitchen is the heart of the house, it should represent you and your style taste. These ideas will help you get a better idea of what a well-designed kitchen should consist of, but remember, it is always up to you.