5 Classic Fashion Trends That Makes You Look Elegant


In a world full of changes, it’s nice to have something constant. Most people have something they hold on to because of comfort or reliability, and others turn to fashion. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is hard to keep up with the trends in the fashion industry. Designers are scrambling to make new and better looks for each season, and it is something that has happened for hundreds of years.

With the endless options and styles to choose from, overwhelming is a mild word to use when you’re trying to find something that fits you. Sticking to classics is always elegant. Tried-and-tested clothes and pieces are always handy to have if you want an ensemble you can count on anytime. You can always do your own variations given that clothing always evolves.

Here are some tips to help you nail elegant looks.

Classic Coats

If you live in a place with more than two seasons, the colder months can get unbearable, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style for comfort when you can have both. As a fashionista, it is a must to have a collection of classic coats, like a reliable trench coat and a classic leather jacket. An ensemble, no matter how dressed down, can instantly look more fashionable when you add these staples.

Additionally, these types of outerwear will last you for a long time. That’s the beauty of classic clothing; they outlast seasons and trends, and you know you’ll always have something to wear when the weather’s getting cold.

Want to know how to keep your classic coats and jackets looking new and neat? Check out this article on how to maintain them.

Keep Clothes Form-Fitting

The dream of every fashionista is to own bespoke clothing items, but not everyone can afford to have their entire wardrobe of clothes custom-made. The next best thing to do is to make sure to buy clothes that are form-fitting because nothing screams elegant more when your clothing fits you perfectly.

If you have decent sewing skills, you can alter your own clothes to fit you better. If you find a skirt too long, you can adjust it to have the cut a little below or above the knee. Your dresses can be downsized to be more form-fitting, which also applies to pants, blouses, blazers, and even sweaters. You can also go to the local dressmaker or tailor to have your existing clothing fit you correctly if you don’t know how to sew.

Keep Classic Jewelry

Accessories can help elevate an outfit, and you probably already know this, but keep a collection of classic jewelry. If it’s possible, you should have at least one of each. They don’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive, as if to compensate for quantity. 

Earrings can come in the form of simple diamond studs or gold hoods. Bracelets can either be in heavy gold bangles or in a delicate silver chain. Rings can have thin delicate bands, heirloom, or a statement 2.5 carat diamond. Necklaces made with pearls, long chains, or in cross designs are classic.

Bold Red Lip

In the past, the earliest forms of red lipsticks weren’t very welcome and were shunned for being too bold. Nowadays, a bold red lip is a fashion statement in itself. Just like accessories, a good lip can complete or improve an ensemble. The most classic and staple lip colors in these modern times are MAC’s Ruby Woo or Russian Red, and while not a cheap brand, it is a worthy investment.

There are other brands that have cheaper lipstick dupes for the classic reds, so go for those if you find the price a little to steep for your taste.

Good-Quality Shoes

There are some things you simply don’t cheap out on, and one of them is a pair of quality shoes. They should fit and mold to your feet as perfectly as possible to allow the most comfort.

Ill-fitting shoes can result in health issues. Wearing shoes too big can lead you to walk in an unnatural way, which can cause foot problems. Shoes that are too small for you can result in painful calluses and blisters.

If you already have posture and back problems, wearing improper footwear can exacerbate the condition. You can get prescription orthopedic shoes for utilitarian purposes, but they can be clunky. Why settle for that when you can go for shoes that offer style and comfort? Look out for brands that are fashionable and practical.

Thrifting Is Good

Elegance doesn’t always mean expensive. Nowadays, you need to be smarter about spending your money.

If you can buy good-quality clothes firsthand at the store, then good for you. If not, you can always go to flea markets and thrift for pieces at a fraction of a price. Additionally, thrifting is better for the environment because it prevents you from buying trendy fast fashion clothes.

What are your favorite classic and elegant fashion trends? Share your thoughts in the comments.