5 Clothes You Must Have in your Wardrobe this Summer To Stay Protected


Summer is all fun and games, but only if you’re fully prepared for it. The preparation starts with your wardrobe. Make sure your summer wardrobe contains each of the following outfits to safely enjoy the spirit of this festive season. Don’t worry we’ve got your style covered.  


  • SPF Beachwear


Don’t restrict your outdoor activities just due to the fear of getting sunburnt. You can now enjoy a sunny day out on the beach with SPF beachwear. They come in UPF 50+ fabric with innovative designs to keep you protected and smart-looking. Tested by dermatologists, the SPF swimwear works incredibly well against sun exposure. Good quality SPF beach apparels have active ingredients found in sunscreen that last for a long time. But remember, UPF weakens after multiple washes. Although this piece of clothing will provide you maximum protection, it’s better to take extra precaution to avoid risk of skin cancer. Nonetheless, it is a preferable option than your regular beach outfit.


  • Flame Protective Clothing


Flame or heat resistant clothes are extremely popular these days, because they are not only hard to differentiate from the normal ones, but also carry a life-saving feature. You can have them in chic designs or customize them to suit your personality. FRC clothing can also be used on any casual day other than at a worksite to protect your upper torso against fire. During summers, it is highly recommended to wear flame-resistant clothes around heavy machineries.   


  • Sweat-Wicking Shirts


Do you have to keep sweat pads under your clothes to prevent them from staining with sweat? You have a better option now. Sweat-wicking shirts are made with fabrics that do not absorb moisture and dry out pretty quickly. Plus, these outfits look so cool. They are literally airy, which makes them ideal for a workout wear. Make sure you buy one of these in this summer.  


  • Radiation-Protective Outfits


Radiation-protective outfits work the same way as UV-protective suits, except that they restrict the penetration of other types of radiations like electromagnetic rays inside your clothes. They also block UVA and UVB rays to prevent sunburn and long-term skin damage. You will never go out of style wearing these clothes. Th protective features are available in casual skirts, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless polo, boot-cut pants, long-sleeved shirts and tees. Lightweight kids-wear is also easily accessible to safeguard the sensitive skin of your kids from harsh rays.


  • Bug-Repellent Shirts


The worst thing about summers is the increased activity of pesky bugs and mosquitoes. Do not let them ‘bug’ you! Bug-repellent shirts are perfect for warm climate with their light-weight stuff and built-in insect protection, so you can comfortably enjoy camping. The fabric prevents insect bites and keeps the mosquitoes away from you. Smart baggy zip-on pants are also available, allowing you to spend hot day wearing them as shorts and when the night falls, simply zip the legs back on to stay protected against the mosquitoes. Craghoppers is famous to manufacture this type of clothing.