5 Common Causes Of Foundation Problems In Homes


Every home needs a strong foundation. If the foundations become weak, the entire building can become weak. But just what causes foundations to become weakened?

There are a few things that contribute to damage. This guide lists 5 of the most common causes of foundation problems. 

Soggy soil

The conditions of the soil beneath your home have a big impact on your foundations. One common issue that can occur is soil becoming too wet. Excess moisture can cause soil to expand and swell, pushing up the foundations of your home. This can cause cracks to develop and may even make the floor slope upwards. In serious cases, water can dissolve rocks beneath your home and lead to sinkholes.

This problem may be prevented by improving drainage around your home. French drains could be one option worth looking into for diverting water away from your foundations.

Soil shrinkage

The opposite issue is soil shrinkage. This is when soil dries out and contracts. As a result, your foundations are pulled downwards and your home can start to sink. This can lead to cracks, dipped floors, and door/window alignment issues.

Soil shrinkage is most likely to occur in summer when it is warm and dry. It is much harder to prevent than soggy soil. Making sure that the grounds around your home are well watered in dry weather may help (just make sure not to overwater the soil).

Invasive roots

Tree roots can be a culprit, but not for the reason that many people expect. Roots typically aren’t strong enough to break through concrete foundations and will automatically grow around your foundations. However, they can still cause damage by contributing to soil shrinkage and by displacing soil. They can also disturb driveways and patios.

If there are large trees surrounding your home, you may want to consider getting them inspected to check that their roots are not encroaching too much on your property. Root removal may be an option.


A foundation can become overloaded if too much weight is put on top of it. This can push the building downwards. Large extensions and upgrades to heavy roofing materials may cause overloading.

When making renovations, it’s important to consider whether your foundations are likely to be able to handle it. Pile on too much weight and you could cause problems.

Poor construction

Foundation problems may simply be the result of a botched installation. Using the wrong types of piers and piling could make your foundations more prone to movement as a result of overloading or soil changes.

When installing or repairing foundations, always choose a professional company in order to reduce the risk of foundation problems.

Time to repair your foundations?

Whatever the cause may be, it’s important that you don’t put off foundation repairs. The more quickly you repair your foundations, the more quickly you can prevent structural damage around your home. 

There are specialist companies such as Pinnacle Foundation Repair that can fix up your foundations. By choosing one of these companies, you can ensure that the job will be done properly.