5 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Moving Expensive Possessions

Image credit: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock.com

Moving is not a pleasant experience for many people. Since you will be juggling a lot of things together, you are bound to make a few mistakes. While many things are learned the hard way, moving is not one of them.

Some of the mistakes can prove quite costly when you are moving with expensive furniture or other belongings. In this article, we will tell you about the worst mistakes you can make while moving with expensive belongings so that you can save yourself from losses.

Choosing the Wrong Moving Company

If you look for a moving company on the Internet, you will find plenty of options. But not all of them provide equal quality of service. If you want to find a professional moving company, you have to do a bit of research before you choose one. You can get referrals from people you know who have moved recently or read the reviews on the Internet.

You can also call up a few companies for information or estimations to gauge how professional they are. Instead of using Google to look for a moving company, you can use moving company directories. We also suggest that you choose a moving company from the place you are moving instead of selecting a random mover.

For example, if you are moving to Santa Cruz, you should choose a mover from there. Moving companies in Santa Cruz will be able to offer you better service because they will know how to handle the local traffic with a moving truck. They are also aware of the traffic rules and regulations, such as one-way streets, parking laws, congested areas, and several other factors that other companies may not know.

It can save you from unnecessary hassles, time wastage, and damage or loss of expensive belongings. Look for reputable moving and storage companies from the area so that you can rest assured that your costly furniture or home accessories are safe.

Failing to Get the Right Insurance

According to Federal regulations, the moving company should offer you Real-Value protection and Full-Value protection. Real-Value protection sets the figures at 60% of the value of your belongings, whereas Full-Value protection will consider the valuation you provide for the belongings moved by the company. 

However, getting Full-Value protection does not guarantee that the moving company will reimburse the entire amount of damages or loss of belongings. Instead, they will either replace your belongings with a product of equal value or pay for its repairs. So if you are moving expensive possessions, make sure that you get additional moving insurance from a third-party insurer.

You can also check if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage to expensive goods in transit. Even though the chances of having to use your insurance are minimal, it is best to avoid the risk when it comes to prized possessions.

Using DIY Methods

We understand that hiring professional movers is not cheap. However, when it comes to moving expensive possessions, doing it yourself or with the help of your friends/family members can prove costlier.

While DIY methods are perfectly fine for moving regular belongings, you should consider hiring professional people to move expensive furniture or other possessions. Professional movers will have the right expertise and tools required to move heavy and delicate pieces of your possessions that you may not have access to.

Trying to Hustle

When you are moving expensive goods, you should give the company adequate time to pack things properly. Delicate belongings will need extra layers of protection, so the movers will need more time to pack them up.

If you try to urge them to hurry things up unnecessarily, they might end up making a mistake that could cause damage to your belongings in transit. Therefore when you are moving with costly possessions, give the moving company as much time as needed.

Allocating Less Space

One of the common mistakes people make when moving expensive furniture or possessions is not allocating adequate space for them in the moving truck. To make sure that your costly goods do not get damaged in transit, it is best not to pack them up tightly with other things.

Before you move expensive possessions, speak to the moving company, and seek advice on how much space you might need in the truck to carry them comfortably. If you have chosen a reputable company, you can rest assured that they will not try to cheat you and ask you to work more space than you need. So try not to be thrifty with the amount of space needed to pack your expensive belongings, or they might get damaged and cause you grief.

Moving with expensive furniture and possessions is not the same as moving with the regular stuff. You must take added protection and care so that they reach the destination without getting damaged in transit. The tips discussed can help you ensure that your expensive belongings reach your new house safe and sound.