5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Sofa


The sofa you choose is extremely important. It is estimated that on average people spend 17 years of their life lounging around on them. That is a lot of time, so the last thing you need is to inadvertently buy one that is not comfortable.

Plus, of course, sofas are not cheap. If you make a mistake and buy the wrong one, in all likelihood, you are going to be stuck sitting on it for years.

With that in mind, we thought you would like to know how to avoid buying a sofa that is either uncomfortable or that falls apart quickly. Below are the 5 most common mistakes people make when buying sofas, along with strategies to help you to avoid making them yourself.

Buying the wrong size sofa

It is important to take the dimensions and scale of the room you are buying for into account when purchasing your sofa. You need to make sure that it is not so big that it dominates the room. Plus, of course, you need to be able to move around the room freely and open the door without knocking into your furniture.

But, it must not be too small either. The seats have to big enough to accommodate the biggest adults in your household.

Buying an uncomfortable sofa

A sofa is a big investment, so you need to make sure it is comfortable. It really is worth taking the time to sit on it for 20 or 30 minutes before you actually make your purchase. Most good retailers are happy to let you do this provided you have a word with them before doing so.

When you sit on the sofa do so in a conscious fashion. Mentally note the position of your legs, back, head and arms. Ask yourself how comfortable you feel. If you like your head and neck to be supported be sure to buy one that has high enough back cushions.

Not thinking enough about keeping it clean

You are going to have your sofa for several years, so you need to be able to keep it clean. Ask yourself if a light-colored sofa is really the right option. This is particularly important if your children are at the baby or toddler stage. Make sure you can Hoover behind or between all of the cushions.
Not fit for purpose

You need to think about how you and other members of your family are going to be using the sofa to be able to buy the right one. For example, if you are likely to want to snooze on your sofa you need to make sure it is long enough for you to be able to do so.

The best way to make sure that you buy the right style of the sofa for the way you are planning to use it is to read in-depth reviews like this one – https://www.moderndigsfurniture.com/modernfurnitureblog.html?article=Best-Sleeper-Sofa. This particular article will be of special interest to anyone who is looking for a sleeper sofa. It is written by the team at the Modern Furniture Blog who scour the market for furniture, try it out and write about their findings.

Buying a poor quality sofa

It can be very tempting to buy a cheap sofa. If you are on a very tight budget, you may have little choice. But, if you are not in that situation, make sure you buy yours from a well-established firm that has a good reputation.

Take the time to check the warranty terms. Also, read a few reviews to make sure that the firm you are buying from is responsive and helpful.

So, there you have it the 5 most common sofa buying errors and some pointers to help you to avoid making them yourself. Provided you follow our advice you will end up with the perfect sofa for you and your family.