5 Cooking Gadgets to Pair With Your Smartphone


Today’s technology makes it possible to communicate with appliances and other kitchen equipment from your mobile devices. Despite this, most people are still using old-fashioned cooking equipment in their kitchens.

Catch up with the latest tech trends and improve your cooking by adding these five gadgets to your life.

SmartConnect Kitchen Scale


Image via Google Play

With the right technology, kitchen scales can do a lot more than just weigh ingredients. The SmartConnect Kitchen Scale from Escali connects to your smartphone so you can:

  • Analyze calories and nutrition in over 8,000 food items
  • Keep a food journal that shows exactly what you eat
  • Create graphs so you can spot trends in your diet

If you are trying to lose weight, then you should consider getting the SmartConnect Body Scale, too. That way, you can track your food and weight with a single app.

Cinder Smart Grill

Chefs spend years learning to cook meat. Considering that you have other responsibilities in your life, it’s unlikely you’ll ever devote that much time to learning to grill the perfect steak.

The Cinder Smart Grill makes it easy for you to prepare food without experimenting in the kitchen.

Use a strong network such as T-Mobile’s reliable 4G network, and a smartphone with a big display, like the new LG V10 to connect to the Cinder and put you in control of your recipes. You just choose the type of meat and how you want to cook it. The software knows how to account for numerous variables, so you get the perfect steak every time. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a medium rare New York strip or a rare tenderloin, the Cinder knows what to do.

Range Kitchen Thermometer

Temperature is often the difference between great food and bad food. Unfortunately, many food thermometers don’t give you precise measurements.

The Range Kitchen Thermometer takes a smarter approach to measuring temperatures so you can get better results every time.

The Range app receives calibrated temperature readings from its thermometer and connects you to recommendations from experts like the USDA and professional chefs. When you have that information on your side, you’ll rarely make mistakes.

Range also uses push notifications that tell you when you reach certain temperatures or when your food has finished cooking.

Smart ThinQ Oven Range

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen in a serious way, look no further than the Smart ThinQ Oven Range from LG. It connects to your smartphone or tablet to put you in control of your meals.

The Smart ThinQ Oven Range does a lot more than just communicate with your mobile device. It comes loaded with features that will help you make delicious meals in less time.

Some of the most noteworthy features include its:

  • Large, 6.3 cubic feet capacity
  • Precise temperature control
  • Infrared cooking that doesn’t require preheating
  • 3200-watt cooktop elements

Whether you’re a serious home cook or you just want to get dinner on the table quickly, this is the perfect smart oven.



Image via Google Play

Have you ever wished that you could start boiling water for your morning coffee before you get out of bed? Sometimes, you need the motivation that only a hot cup of coffee or tea can provide.

The iKettle is the first Wi-Fi kettle that will let you start boiling water from anywhere in the house. As long as you have your smartphone with you, you can tell it to start boiling.

If you have never used an electric kettle, you might be surprised by how better your beverages taste when you use precise temperatures. Green tea, for instance, is usually best at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee, however, tastes better when it’s close to 95 degrees F. You can’t get those precise measurements with a standard kettle, but an electric kettle makes it easy.

Other great features that come with the iKettle include its:

  • Auto shutoff
  • LED control panel
  • Removable filter

The next time you want a hot beverage, just pick up your smartphone.

When you have these five gadgets in your kitchen, your cooking will improve instantly. They’re the best ways to make delicious recipes without taking any cooking classes.