5 coolest accessories you should own in 2019


The year 2019 has dawned with a bang in some places around the world and with a whimper in some. Whatever it would be we need to take the year through as best as we can. To do so it would be appropriate to sort out our wardrobe and see what needs to go and what needs to stay. It is our prerogative to ensure that we have everything in attire and accessories to ensure we present ourselves spick and span when leaving home. We need to stamp our fashion statement wherever we may go and to do so we would need to pick a few accessories which would accentuate our style and personality.


It is imperative that we select each item carefully and with care because in a crowd you would need to stand tall and handsome above the rest. Only when you select the right attire and accessories would you be noticed and be the cynosure of the crowd. We have selected five items of accessories that would complement your attire and project you in a style that would bring the best in you. These are just five which you could select but above all it is your watch that would take pride of place. Wearing a Rolex Yacht-Master around your wrist would be equal to all other accessories or more when you would need to project a confident style around you.

#1. The Rolex Yacht-Master

The world of sailing has always been intertwined with Rolex and that dates back more than half a century. It was in the 1950s that Rolex first broke into the sailing, yachting and other water sports. Since then Rolex has held a very prominent position in every event that was conducted on water. From the most grueling of inter-ocean competitions to long journeys into the unknown Rolex has been in the lead.

The Rolex Yacht-Master was specially crafted for the rough open seas and to take whatever the sea threw at it. It has proved itself and held its own against all types of weather and is today the choice of many professionals who would set out to sea. If there is one watch that would wrap around your wrist and bring prestige along with it, then there is none other than the Rolex Yacht-Master. You could pick up more information about this incredible watch, by visiting the site, rolex yachtmaster.     

#2. Branded Cuff Links

Cuff Links would bring a kind of smartness like none other as it would be flashed around with every move of your hands and is one of those accessories that bring a special type of sophistication. There are many brands of Cuff Links that you could choose from and wearing a branded one would bring you a sense of accomplishment. Success is shown in small measures and this could be just a small accessory but one that would go a very long way.

You could select a pair of Cuff Links in either gold, silver or in any other mat finished material but whatever you would select it would enhance your style and personality.

#3. Branded Tie Pin

This is an accessory that would stand out very prominently on the center of your chest. A branded Tie Pin would always stand out to show the style that you love to project. It is only a small item of accessory but one which would have a special place when you are dressed formally or only with a tie.

The leading brands have some very stylish designs to choose from and slipping one to keep your tie in place would be a good example to show how neat you are in disposition. Tie Pins would generally come in silver or gold finish and picking the most appropriate would be a good idea.

#4.  Branded Pen

A pen is also a very important accessory which would be necessary and important depending on your lifestyle but whatever it should be a branded pen from any of the world’s leading pen designers. It would be awkward to borrow a pen when you have to either sign or write down something. Your own pen with a leading brand name behind would show that you are fully equipped to do business and not tardy.

Pick the best pen with which you would be comfortable to write and one with gold trimmings would add to your personality. A pen is mightier than a sword says some, so let it be so in your hand. A pen would enhance your importance too which is one reason that many carry a pen with them.

#5. Leather Belt

This is a must for any person who would like to project a macho lifestyle. A belt worn smartly would bring a special smartness and add to style to those wearing one. It would not matter as far as brand is concerned but when the belt is leather it would enhance style greatly and bring that special confidence when you would wear one.

Belts could range from the high to the medium and with leather becoming dearer buying a good quality belt would need close scrutiny but if you buy branded ones that issue would not arise. To buy the best leather belt it would be imperative to ensure that what you would pick is of real leather.


The idea that we dress smartly is to bring personal satisfaction to us and to ensure that we are accepted by others. We need to ensure that we have a good wardrobe when we decide to dress and leave home on different errands. Dressing up smartly is a human trait and it is not special to anyone person it is a universally accepted fact. We need to select what we wear very carefully because it is clothes that maketh the man and if we are dressed appropriately we could be accorded respect but if we are not we could be treated as a tramp.