5 Coolest Trade Shows For Inspiration


Are you a thriving enterprise looking to land a rocking trade show for your customers? Promoting your merchandise and offerings entails ingenuity, research, and proper planning. You can surely make your trade show wow-worthy by consulting with reliable specialists like ExpoMarketing and acting upon their advice. If you are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming tradeshow, then check out how the following companies wowed their audience with stunning booths & displays.

Michelin’s Booth At The North American International Auto Show in Detroit

Just like a perfectly executed party theme, the Michelin’s trade show made people’s heads turn to marvel at the sheer brilliance of their promotional campaign. Designed by MC2, this booth reflected customer empowerment like no other. Visitors had the freedom to try out their ‘tire’ product and practically experience it by using the dashboard and hitting the road. They could feel the bumps, dips, jerky movements and the gritty surface of the road. The trade show was a hit because it made the audience feel more connected to the product itself as they felt what the tire actually feels on a road. Impressive!

Brooks Running At The 2013 Boston Marathon Expo

Exhibiting the coolest trends in trade shows, Brook’s Running booth endorsed a “Carb Happy” theme that the audience was swooning over. Why? Free Pasta, not truly! Just because it was highly engaging from the Running biggie. Customers thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth where they could indulge in snapshots, delicious pasta, an accordion player, and their running gait analysis. Visitors had fun running, noshing on carb friendly food and leaving the show content, filled with a wonderful experience.

Nickelodeon At The Licensing Expo in Las Vegas

The Nickelodeon trade show had the audience raving about the promotional grandeur. A kid-centric show, this focused on tapping into the juvenile aspects of our personality. It hinted at bringing out the inner child in all of us. With an aesthetically pleasing design that was a total hit with kids and parents, Nickelodeon made sure that the audience benefits from an interactive, educational and highly engaging experience. With a vending machine that was Twitter-activated, delicious treats, small prizes, charging stations, a guest-welcome video wall and character cut out doorways, the booth was something out of a fairytale book. All the festooning and promotional accessories had kids & parents wanting to stay at the booth to enjoy the entertainment.

Fusion-io At Interop, in Las Vegas, NV

Their booth had a unique blend of comic fun and tech learning. Having a mechanical bull up like a hard drive is surely something innovative. The audience just loved it. How many times do you actually come across such intellectual humor that is poignant and addictive? The whole idea of the dress-up was to motivate clients to use their IT product and encourage the brand awareness by letting them have fun riding the bull-drive.  

Charity: water At Inbound 2013

The water walk at the Charity Water Booth was a fabulous promotional stunt that had all the visitors engaged. The challenge had people carry two Jerry Cans full of water to reflect how clean water is channeled into town for people, especially in India. A rather adventurous challenge, this was both thrilling and educational. It compelled people to think about the difficulties involved in bringing clean water to people; something we take for granted.