5 creative design and decor tips for a unique home


When you’ve got a strong sense of style, creating a special home space can be difficult.

No sooner have you spotted a trend that aligns with your aesthetic values than all your neighbors have jumped on the bandwagon.

But if you dig deep enough, you’ll still find ways to create a home that’s out of the ordinary.

With that in mind, here are five creative design and decor tips for a unique home.

  1. Personalised wallpaper

Personalisation has been popular for some time — but its appeal wanes when you realize everyone has similar customized photo frames and cushions.

But customised wallpaper from Pictogram boosts personalization to another level — your original photos or designs are converted to one-off wallpapers in a range of textures and finishes.

Whether you want a favorite family snap for your office or a wraparound cityscape for your kitchen, the choice is yours.

  1. Retro furniture

Getting the balance between striking design and comfort in your living room creates a conundrum.

But iconic furniture from decades past adds a little je ne sais quoi.

Retro furniture from Pamono adds a dash of distinctive style to any home — striking sofas and chic chairs become comfy conversation pieces.

If you plan to redecorate eventually, avoid pieces that are too leftfield and restrict yourself to items with timeless appeal.

  1. Door mats

First impressions last when you’re passionate about fabulous home furnishing and they’re formed before guests set foot in your home.

So a bespoke door mat from The Mat Factory complete with a quirky family motto or witty quotation sets the tone perfectly for any soiree.

And if there’s a visitor that’s particularly unwelcome, design a mat that tells them to turn around and leave in no uncertain terms.

These practical products also keep dirt away from irreplaceable home furnishings — stains can ruin antique rugs.

  1. Ambient lighting

Mood lighting dramatically alters the atmosphere in any room without the need to redecorate walls and replace furniture.

And ambient lighting firm Nanoleaf specialises in modular light panels that create a dazzling multicoloured display which interacts with music.

Triangular panels that pulsate to your favourite tunes can be arranged in any design to make your games room or home bar the envy of every visitor.

You can also purchase extension kits at any time to create a more elaborate display.

  1. Swimming pool

If you want to go all-out in creating the perfect pad, an indoor swimming pool is the ultimate leisure luxury.

Home swimming solutions from Endless Pools might be more affordable than you think — the niche company has a diverse product range that includes pools with inbuilt adjustable currents for sportspeople and deep water wells for relaxation and hydrotherapy.

You’ll need to seek advice on the best location to place your pool and make the proper health and safety provisions — but splashing out on one can enhance your health and social life.

Choose any of these five creative design and decor tips to make your unique home a place where everyone enjoys unwinding.

What’s your favourite home design tip? Share your thoughts in the comments section.