5 Creative Ideas for Non-traditional Christmas Decorations


Decorating is one of the things Americans look forward to over the holidays, but it can also be a source of stress. To help, here are five ideas for non-traditional Christmas decorations.

Change Your Tree Color

Changing your Christmas tree’s color is one way to give your holiday decorations a fresh look. For instance, instead of going with traditional green, you can try emulating the look of a snow-covered conifer with a white Christmas tree. Or instead of just changing the color of your tree, you can depart from the traditional red-and-green theme by going with a different color combination for your tree and its accompanying decorations. For instance, using brown ornaments to decorate a green tree can mimic the appearance of an evergreen covered in pinecones. Pairing a white tree with off-white parchment colors can create an elegant, snow-covered look. HGTV suggests a dozen different color combinations you can try.

Use a Non-traditional Tree Mount

Another way to change the look of your tree is by changing your tree mount. One option that can help you make use of limited floor space is a wall-mounted tree, which is also useful if you want to keep your tree away from a toddler. There are a number of ways you can mount a tree on a wall. One is to get a series of branches of varying lengths that can be arranged to taper in the shape of a tree and then using damage-free adhesive hangers to attach them to a wall, spaced out in rungs. You can then add ornaments to each rung.

Turn Your Tree Upside-down

You can literally turn the look of your tree upside-down by getting an inverted Christmas tree. While this seems non-traditional today, it’s actually an old tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages, when the three points of the tree represented the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Modern retailers originally re-introduced upside-down trees to allow more floor space for displays, but they’ve proven so popular that they’re now widely available. Upside-down Christmas trees have a weighted base for stability if you stand them on the floor, or you can hang them from the ceiling.

Innovate with Ornaments

Another way to give your Christmas decorations a new look is by experimenting with non-traditional ornaments. For instance, if your kids like superheroes, Hallmark Keepsake has periodically issued a series of superhero ornaments featuring popular Marvel and DC characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Iron Man, which are available online from sites such as Hooked on Hallmark. Other alternative ornament theme ideas for kids include Star Wars, Disney princesses and sports. Use framed pictures, treats, and items such as seashells to decorate your tree.

Use Creative Christmas Lights

Another way to give your decorations a creative look is by using different types of Christmas lights. Today’s technology offers a wider range of lighting options than ever before. For instance, Twinkly makes smart lights you can control with an app to deploy a wide range of lighting arrangements, including animations and customized effects based on your own drawings. Bulbhead’s Star Shower line of projectors allows you to create unique lighting effects on your home exterior or window by projecting images from slides, laser shows or even movies.