5 Creative Weekend Kitchen DIY Projects


We all have a bit of extra time on our hands these days, now is the perfect time to give your kitchen a weekend makeover. There are so many different creative and practical projects you can start and finish in 2 those 2 short days. After considering so many options, I have selected my 5 favourite ones to share with you.


Install Pot Rack

A rack for your pots and pans is such a gorgeous thing to have in your kitchen and they are surprisingly easy to install. Once you have chosen your favourite rack and figured out where you want it, the rest is simple. Remember to hang your pot rack at a reasonable height for the person who spends the most time cooking – the general rule of thumb is one foot above the height of that person’s head.

Install A Feature Light

I am completely and utterly obsessed with feature lighting! The trick with feature lighting is that it must be a feature, you shouldn’t have multiple different feature lights because it will look overdone and trashy. Choose your favourite pendant or chandelier and let it be the star of your stylish kitchen show. We have a stunning woven pendant above our kitchen table and it gives the entire kitchen a wonderfully peaceful vibe.

Organise Your Pantry

This one goes out to all the list-makers and hyper-organized people out there… I love a good list and knowing that I have order and control of my life is euphoric. You don’t have to be quite as extra as I am, you can start small. An easy weekend project would be to get organized with label printers, start by labelling your food containers and then see where your project takes you – you can even label things in the garage next! Before you ask, yes, I do know I shouldn’t be so excited about labels but no, I do not care. 

Upgrade Your Faucets

There are few things you can upgrade affordably in your kitchen that will make as much impact as upgrading your faucets. There are so many options to choose from, browse your favourites online and then decide if you want a purely aesthetic upgrade or if you want to be practical and implement water-saving measures, taller faucets etc.  

Paint Your Cabinets

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into your entire kitchen. My best advice, as a designer, would be to choose a Pantone colour that you love and go wild. Your kitchen can have any look you want it to have, go for the vibrant pops of colour or stick to the passive neutrals, it is entirely up to you. I am so in love with sage green cabinets and matte gold faucets with light gray marble countertops, feel free to use that as inspiration if you like. Our design choices are so personal, do what you like but just make sure you’ll be happy with those changes for the months and/or years to come.