5 Crucial Steps To Take If You Suspect You Have Mice In The House 


Having mice in the house is a less-than-ideal situation for any homeowner. They can cause all kinds of damage, nibbling through walls, furnishings and, even more dangerously, electrical wiring. It is important to deal with mice in the home as soon as possible – the longer they are on your property, they will eventually start to breed and multiply.  

It is also crucial to deal with any infestation humanely. There are traps available that can catch mice without harming them, and many pest control businesses ensure that the mice they catch are relocated to a safer environment.  

Set Traps 

Traps are often an excellent first step for dealing with mice in the home. You should always choose humane traps and find a suitable place to release the mice, well away from your home. There are plenty of effective, humane traps out there, so do some research to find the right one.  

Figure Out How They’re Getting In 

All the mouse traps in the world won’t help unless you know how the mice are getting in and, therefore, how you can stop them from getting in. You should use the signs of mouse activity, such as droppings, to help you find the general area where they might be getting in.  

Call A Pest Control Service 

Unfortunately, in many cases, setting traps may not be effective enough to eliminate mice in your home entirely. If the issue is extensive, or there are mice in many different areas of your home, you should look for high-quality rodent control. ABC Home & Commercial Services are an excellent example of what to look for when hiring an expert pest control company.  

Seal Up Any Gaps  

Any gaps that a mouse can fit through going from the exterior to the interior of your home should be filled in immediately. This can feel like a massive job, but it is crucial to prevent more mice from getting into your home. You can use sealant for smaller gaps and materials like mesh or wire wool in larger spaces.  

Clear Away Clutter 

Mice thrive in areas with lots of places to hide and explore. It is a good idea to do a thorough clear out of the areas the mice have gotten into to make the spaces less attractive for them to live in. Normally this means spaces like the garage and basement, which normally store boxes and other items that mice can hide inside and make a nest.  

Final Thoughts 

Mice in the house can be an upsetting prospect, and it is crucial that you get them taken care of as soon as possible. The longer they are in the home, the more damage they could do, and they can also bring in bacteria that could be harmful to you and your family. If you only have one or two mice, you can normally get rid of them yourself using humane traps and other deterrents. If the problem is more extensive, then you may need to find a quality rodent control service to help.