5 DIY Handy Tricks for Assembling IKEA Furniture


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Chances are if you have tried to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture, you have become easily frustrated. The directions are not always clear and it can be difficult to understand each step. With minimal writing, you have to rely on images with arrows all over the place. It is not uncommon for people to end up with a mess on their hands that requires cleaning service, instead of a finished furniture piece. In order to avoid this, you can use these 5 handy tricks the next time you take on an IKEA furniture assembly project. These tips are for anyone, not just your average handyman.

  1. Organize your nuts and bolts

Using large egg cartons, separate all of your nuts and bolts into the egg slots. Label them with the same numbers from the instructions. This may take more time upfront, but it will save you time during assembly. If you do not have large egg cartons, you could also separate them in small bowls, or even in piles on the floor nearby. Once you are done, make sure everything is accounted for before initiating carpet cleaning with your vacuum cleaner, otherwise a small component may end up inside.

  1. Video Tutorials

There are lots of videos you can find online of IKEA furniture assembly tutorials. It might be easier to pause a video of someone who has already gone through the madness of trying to follow those pesky instructions, than to study the instruction images yourself. A quick google search before you start might help save you lots of frustration, both in terms of assembling the furniture and also the home cleaning you need to perform after that.

  1. Understand the materials being used

Ikea nuts and bolts are not known to be strong. Using an electric drill can save you the need to strip them. If you do not have access to this type of tool, you do not want to be assembling and reassembling as this can strip them. Be careful and deliberate with each step in order to reduce the mess and the effort needed for house cleaning afterwards.

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  1. Take your time

Unless you are in desperate need, pace yourself. Take a couple days to get everything together if needed. It is better to get it done right than to do it quickly. Rushing things won’t help you at all, but it may increase the need to waste more time in house cleaning after that, as sloppy work often means a bigger mess.

  1. Check the fit

If two pieces are not sliding together, or a dowel or nut and bolt combo doesn’t seem to line up, chances are that you are using the wrong piece for that step. Review the instructions again to ensure that you are using the right materials. While a defective furniture set is possible, the chance for that is somewhat small. You are better off reviewing the manual, instead of damaging the pieces in any way. You might end up with a pile of useless junk that needs specialised cleaning service, if you are not careful.