5 Epic Road Trip Destinations In Different Parts Of The World


There is nothing more refreshing than being out in the open road for a few days. Road trips give you the much needed escape from the hustle of work and responsibility. Any road trip lover will tell you that the best road trip areas have long open roads, beautiful roadside scenery and little traffic. However the best part of any journey is the unexpected getting lost. In these way you end up seeing things that most road campers wouldn’t.

While road trips are an easy getaway, it is best to be prepared. Pack enough food or carry enough money. It is best to have your own water, boiled and stored in a good stainless steel bottle that you can refill easily. Be a friend to the environment throughout the journey and quit using the plastic bottles and containers that you will need to throw away.

With so many destinations to choose from, travelers find themselves at crossroads. However, for anyone looking for the thrill of a lifetime, these five destinations are sure to quench your road trip thirst.


Pacific Coast Highway

It is no wonder the stretch from Los Angeles to San Francisco is the most known highway in America. There are many routes connecting the two areas. It is a 500 mile stretch with the best scenic view of coastal beauty. It is best to go on road trips in this area at around October and September when the weather is at its best. The view around these time is also delightful.

Eastern Newfoundland (Eastern Canada)

The Eastern Newfoundland open roads offer life changing road trips to most people. With a scenic overlooking plenty, it is easy to argue why it is a road trip zone unlike any other. The likelihood of spotting a moose is very high as they are numerous around the area. It is therefore best to travel in the day to avoid moose contributed accidents. This road has several beauties including the historic town of Trinity, Witless Bay and Petty harbor with its majestic whales. Highly recommended is the route from Trinity to St John’s. It is best to be prepared for all seasons as the weather here is bipolar.

The Garden Route

The 150 mile stretch from Storms River in the Western Cape to Mossel Bay along the South-eastern coast of South Africa. It is always a good time to tour the Garden Route. With a beautiful view of the coastline and the high possibility of spotting a dolphin, killer whale or a humpback, it is a guaranteed thrill of a lifetime. It is also wise to take turns into the hidden side roads as they hide even more marvelous treasures of the region.

South Island Circuit

The best drive is between Te Anau and Milford Sound. Enjoy beautiful sceneries with turquoise blue lakes and flowing water. This place has the most beautiful sunset. It is therefore highly recommended to use a camping van to catch this delight. Going off-road is an added advantage here as one enjoys the serenity of beautiful forests and abundant birdlife at a close glance.

The French Countryside

Ever wondered why the French are considered most romantic? With Paris and a romantic language, why not? For road trip lovers however they fall in love with the French countryside. It has the clearest roads and blue skies. It is good to visit Lot valley where one is sure to find the scenery breathtaking. The best time for these is during summer when the fields are green and the weather friendly.

While traveling in the open road, it is very important to be safe, Stop if you feel sleepy, drowsy, or fatigued as that is when most accidents happen say the injury solicitors. Ensure you do not sleep far from towns if you are using a traveling van. It is also important to carry identification documents and weather compatible wear. As you plan your road trip consider this glorious destinations.