5 Essential Tips for Travelling in Dangerous Countries


Travelling holds different importance for different people. Some people travel only under compulsions like work assignments, while others are super passionate about the idea of traveling.

Such passionate travelers find entertainment and peace in traveling as they explore different cultures and meet people of diverse backgrounds. If you belong to the latter category of people, then the passion of traveling may also take you to dangerous countries.


Although regular crimes like mugging, pickpocketing, and rape can happen anywhere in the world, some places are considered riskier than others. Therefore, we have listed here five essential tips to follow in case you happen to visit a dangerous country.

  1.     Understand the risks:

Like mentioned before, dangers like rape, murder, mugging, and plane crashes can happen anywhere in the world. Still, some countries have some peculiar risks like mass rebellion, religious extremism, political turmoil, and indigenous diseases. Therefore, before traveling, you should be fully aware of all the risks associated with a particular country and prepare accordingly.

  1.     Manage the danger:

It would be best if you had a contingency plan for all the foreseen mishaps so that you can manage the threats effectively. Examples include checking the location of the closest embassy according to your itinerary and getting yourself vaccinated to deal with local diseases. 

Dangerous countries like Brazil are laced with criminal activities, and it is highly probable that you may find yourself trapped in the crossfire. Therefore, always engage a competent lawyer like Attorney Jeffrey T. Oswald before visiting a dangerous country because he will prove to be handy in keeping you safe abroad.

  1.     Map out your itinerary:

You should pre-decide your itinerary and the modes of traveling you are going to use. For example, if you wish to travel by road, make sure that the route is safe and is not prone to incidents like robberies and hijacking.

But, prefer to travel by air because airports have extensive security arrangements and therefore is a safer mode of transportation. Lastly, once you finalize your itinerary, share it with someone trustworthy so that he can contact the local embassy if you fail to stick to your travel plan due to some emergency.

  1.     Do not flaunt your valuables:

Even in countries like the United States, people avoid keeping a hundred dollar bills in their wallets and do not even display their phones in some neighborhoods. Therefore, if you are in a dangerous country, avoid flaunting your valuables like a camera, mobile phone, and watch. Also, avoid flaunting your body because it is considered inappropriate in some parts of the world and, therefore, can land you in trouble.

  1.     Be Respectful:

You must respect the culture and societal norms of the country you visit; otherwise, you may end up being in hot water. For example, some cultures emphasize proper attire for both men and women, and if you walk around half-naked in that territory, you are bound to offend the locals.