5 Exotic Travel Destinations for Tight College Budget


You can travel while in college!

During our youth, we often find ourselves having the urge of being loose and doing everything crazy our young minds can come up with like overindulging in fun and games then always asking “Who will help me write my paper?” whenever we are late with assignments in school. During this stage of life, there are very few things that can come in a person’s way as they try living life to the fullest. Budget limitations are easily classified as the main giants of the category. Budget limitations are a significant hindrance towards you achieving all your crazy dreams and cravings, with vacations topping that list.

Students are some of the people whose plans can be easily thwarted by a deficit in the amount of cash flow that comes their way and thus bar them from doing some of the things they long for such as traveling. It is common knowledge that some countries could come off as quite expensive to visit, especially if you are on a student’s budget. A return journey to these countries is even too expensive for some people in the working class bracket, let alone a mere student.

However, it is important to note that there is indeed a beam of sunlight to this situation. There are some exotic countries out there that are begging for you to visit and what’s more, you’ll spend a limited amount of cash during your visit there. Below are some of such destinations:

  • Nicaragua

In today’s world, it is common to find students and other groups of budget travelers always staying alert for news about the next great travel destination, and often their sources lead them to Nicaragua. This is a place that is famous for its vast array of heart melting physical features. In fact, due to them, the place has earned the title of “The land of volcanoes and lakes.”

Nicaragua is breathtakingly beautiful, full of mountains, waterfalls, intriguing monkeys almost everywhere, and also secluded and remarkable beaches. The place is less developed as compared to other examples of Central American destinations. However, it is nearly impossible to find an equally good country for adventure-seekers or backpackers. Exploring volcanoes, mountain climbing, horseback riding, surfing, and swimming are some of the activities that are popular among Nicaragua visitors and above all, immensely cheap for even a tight student budget. In addition to this, it is likely that you will hardly find better food anywhere else other than Nicaragua. Fresh-sea food is caught from the many water bodies in the place, and locally farmed beef are all components of Nicaragua’s budget menu.

  • Albania

For most elite people, among the most common vacation destinations include Greece and Italy. However, you find that the best budget for a successful visit there could end up becoming too high, especially for students. However, if this is the case, all is not lost as Albania is the best alternative especially if on a tight budget.

The country’s star-rated hotels and hostels are easily found at low prices that are affordable to students. In addition to this, you find that even daily expenses like food and transportation are also much less as compared to most of the other European countries. What’s even more impressive about Albania is the rich cultural heritage which makes it one of the most attractive countries to visit. It has a long history of its foundations and even shares a great amount of this history with countries such as Rome, Greece, Italy, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

On top of the above, Albania is called home by some of the most outstanding museums, Mediterranean views and even intact ruins (which are found almost everywhere in the country). Albania’s capital, Tirana boasts of the best historical ruins while on the other hand, Jala beach or Dhermi offers the best services regarding beaches and sunshine.

  • Cambodia

Thailand is one of the long-standing most popular destinations for vacations by budget travelers. However, what most people do not know is that the nearby country of Cambodia is one of the most enchanting and exotic destinations that requires a shallow pocket for one to visit, hence its appeal to students and other budget travelers.

There are many star-studded hotels found in Cambodia and especially in its capital, Phnom Penh. What’s more is that these hotels are much cheaper as compared to the significantly more expensive Asian destinations. Costs of transportation and food are also quite lower in Cambodia thus making it an ideal destination for college students.

The number of inexpensive and free but fun activities that one can enjoy in Cambodia are almost countless. From wandering about the capital to hanging around the “Monkey Island,” there are a lot of activities that one can enjoy in this country without worrying about the state of your pocket at the end of the vacation.

  • Portugal

There are few visitors whose destination is Europe and end up traveling further west than the beautiful country known as Spain. This leaves Portugal is a tight spot as it is often overlooked for its potential of being a remarkable travel destination, especially one suited for students on a college budget.

The country’s capital city, Lisbon, is one of the leading destinations for history and culture, but the college students that are in search for relaxation are better off heading to a town known as Algarve. This is a coastal town that has rich historical roots and is a favorite vacation site for the Portuguese nationals. This is mainly because the town alone has a cost of living that is 30% less as compared to the rest of the other Western Europe countries. Hiking trails, castles, pristine beaches, breathtaking Ocean views and the availability of fresh seafood in cafes tell of the major features that make Portugal a gold mine for college budget students. The best part about Algarve is that it is merely a train ride from Lisbon thus making it worthwhile to visit for an extended period.

  • China

With the increase in travel packages and flight deals that are cropping up with time, Chinese destinations such as Shanghai and Beijing are fast becoming great options for the budget-conscious type of travelers such as students. In these cities, you find that it is possible to find accommodation that goes for about $10 every night! Food is also equally affordable with street food going for about $1 and the popular restaurants offering food for about $5. There is a vast array of popular sites to visit, with the most famous one; The Great Wall of China being among some of these places.

Life in college is one of the most exciting phases of a person’s development but also one that’s laced with challenges. Among the challenges that students face, lack of money to spend on other areas of their life other than the basic needs is a constant barricade towards achieving some milestones in life. Traveling is one such area, but as we’ve pointed out in this article, there are various travel destinations for students on a college budget.

So, which is your next destination?

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