5 Fantastic Ideas For A Great Holiday In Thailand


Ever had so many things to do in mind that you ended up doing none of them? This especially happens on tours where you are super excited to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. And, when it is a country like Thailand that you are visiting- the list has no end. So, it is better to have a shorter list if your time there is limited. We are going to walk you through 5 fantastic ideas for a great holiday in Thailand. 

5 Fantastic Ideas For A Great Holiday In Thailand: Memories that stay forever

  • Ride a motorcycle along Northern Thailand. 

Just sitting, relaxing, and taking in the views is fun but it is more fun if you are in full control of where you are going. Never rode a bike before? You can learn to ride one now. 

Apparently, you will get motorcycle learning lessons in the shortest time here. And, these lessons are quite efficient. You can go up hilly, zigzag roads easily. Furthermore, they also test you to make sure you are ready.

Once you are ready, you are in for a beautiful ride. Ride a rented bike yourself along the hilly, natural areas of Northern Thailand. It will rejuvenate your soul and productivity. Plus, you get the lesson of a lifetime- you know get to know how to ride a bike all by yourself. 

  • Go rock climbing. 

Thai street food is amazing and you will be gaining quite a bit of weight there. One fine day when you wake up, you will feel the need to lose some weight while having fun. And, going to climb rocks will be the best idea. 

There is a place in Thailand called Railey and it has pretty much the most beautiful rock climbing setting ever. You can learn to climb rocks safely while enjoying a beautiful view all along. Moreover, you can come back home to show your friends the exciting activities you did in Thailand and rock climbing will definitely be one of them. 

  • Play with elephants. 

Apparently, the national animal of Thailand is an elephant and that should not matter to you much. However, how you may be able to interact with the elephants makes a huge difference. There are elephant sanctuaries all around Thailand that wins the hearts of visitors. 

The elephants there are friendly, cute, and interactive. Imagine playing with a baby elephant who finds you cute? Adorable, right? So, visit a sanctuary to fall in love with elephants yet again after Dumbo.

  • Go and meditate.  

One of the essences of holidays is to escape from the daily buzz of life and what better way is there to do so than by meditating? You can visit Chiang Mai to take meditation courses where you not only meditate but feel closer to the world. It is through meditation that you will feel that all humans, from your country and from Thailand are bound together. 

  • Go Fishing in Thailand. 

There are many beaches and islands in Thailand. The life of humans have revolved around fishing a lot in the past. So, with so many water bodies around, you must go fishing in Thailand or it would be a big miss. 

Also, do not forget to try out the fish you catch because it will give you a taste of the exotic. 

If the saying that you see the best moments of your life before death is true, then you will definitely see glimpses of your visit to Thailand when you die. It is a soul-enriching experience.