5 Gift Ideas for the Special Friend Who DMs You the Best Memes


We’ve all got that special friend who helps us stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s because they’re online more than us or are just patient enough to always explain the latest internet memes, we owe a lot to our friend who DMs us when we need it most. If you’re thinking about thanking them for having your back, it might be a good idea to give them a thoughtful gift. Here are a few presents to consider when shopping for your special friend who sends you the best memes without fail.


Help Her Help You

If your friend really is DMing you all the time, they’re likely downloading a lot of photos. Hard drive space isn’t free, even on the cloud, and it’s important that you recognize this. One way to show your appreciation for all the space that your friend dedicates to you and your memes is by gifting her an online photo manager. A platform like ibi becomes your own personal cloud, with no monthly subscription cost. Best of all, ibi collects photos and videos from your phone, laptop, and other devices and backs them up automatically with a terabyte of storage.

From Special Friend to Online Lover

If sometimes it feels like your special friend is sliding into your DMs for more than just memes, maybe it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. For a real romantic gift, consider purchasing a set of diamond earrings or a diamond pendant. Diamonds don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg, either. Just check out some of the Agape Diamonds reviews and head over to their sale section to see what’s available in your price range.

Humor Her with a Throwback

If your special friend is sending you the best memes, you know that she’s got a sense of humor. Show her you do, too, with a gift that’s simultaneously funny and the same sort of throwback you’d see in an ironic meme. A Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball should fit the bill perfectly. Instead of the traditional “Yes,” “No,” or “Ask again later,” your special friend will get some sassy answers back to their burning questions. Is she really the queen of memes? “Ask me if I care!”

Give Her a Game You Know She’ll Win

Funny party games are currently seeing a resurgence in popularity, but not all games have the same level of finesse. Worse yet, your special friend may not even be great at games, and nobody wants to be a loser every time they play. That being said, there are some party games that your friend will probably excel at, one of which is the hilarious party game What Do You Meme? What Do You Meme forces players to match captions with photos and make their own memes, something your special friend should be able to accomplish with ease to hilarious outcomes.

Let Her Imbibe in Style

If you want to introduce some class into your special friend’s life, consider purchasing them a totally unique set of drinking glasses. Whether they love wine or martinis, forget traditional stemware and get them something truly special with a handblown drinking vessel from Glassy Baby. With beautiful finishes and colors inspired by some of the world’s most famous cocktails, your friend is sure to love these one-of-a-kind glasses. Especially if they’re used to using whatever plastic cup is on hand to drink a drink, the style and class of these glasses are sure to be appreciated. After all, just because you met in college doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade to something other than a red solo cup!