5 Great Destinations that Champion Accessible Travel


The pace and demands of today’s modern lifestyles means that we all need a break at some point in order to rest and recharge not matter our age or physical health. One of the best ways of doing so is by going on holiday, but for people with disabilities or mobility problems that is easier said than done. While big strides continue to be made around the world to ensure accessibility for everyone that needs it, people in wheelchairs or with medical conditions still do face challenges when travelling.

Thankfully, in terms of holiday destinations, some areas are championing accessible travel and in this post we’ll take a look at 5 great options; See them all below:

  1. Melbourne, Australia

A good example of a city doing its utmost to accommodate the needs of those with special mobility requirements is Melbourne in Australia. In addition to being the sporting capital of Australia, Melbourne is also regarded as one of the world’s most accessible cities. Highlights include a completely accessible transport system, a great range of high quality, wheelchair-friendly restaurants, parks, and the cities famous zoo.

  1. Singapore

Even among a list of the most accessible destinations in the world, Singapore stands out with its commitment to universal accessibility. The code has been in place for over 20 years and has resulted in seamless mobility through step less access to most buildings, trains and buses, as well as kerb cuts. For those looking for parts of the world other than Asia, this post shows some accessible attractions  in an interactive map to browse through. Back to Singapore, whether you’re trying out the street food or visiting an attraction, access there is near enough universal.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Another city that has taken great strides to provide universal access for people of all mobility capabilities is Barcelona in Spain. The city is already a popular tourist destination thanks to the success of its local football team and the various sights and attraction in the area. The county’s National Tourism Authority has been championing accessible travel resulting in 100% access to buses and 80% of metro stations and trains suitable for everyone. Getting around Barcelona in a wheelchair is easy, – even the beach has access and assistance available.

  1. Manchester, United Kingdom

Providing accessible travel involves much more than just adding a ramp to your entrance; empathy and an extensive knowledge of how to achieve it are also required to achieve the right solutions. A good example of this method in action can be seen in Manchester, UK where smooth, step-free pavements, shops, and bars are the norm after the city centre was rejuvenated in recent years. Highlights include easy accessibility at Manchester United’s football ground, Old Trafford, and even designated facilities at the Peak District National Park on the outskirts of the city.

  1. Vienna, Austria

Last but not least in our line-up of great destinations that champion accessible travel is Vienna in Austria. The city has been gradually refurbished through the removal of most of its iconic cobblestones and kerbs from its streets. The result is highly accessible trams, shops, cafes, and cultural delights such as the city’s museums.

It is commendable that the cities and towns listed above are taking big strides to provide accessible travel for wheelchair users and people with disabilities that affect their mobility. Not only are they already some of the most popular destinations in the world, their ease of accesses for visitors to get around makes them even more special.