5 Handy Tips to Follow when Shopping for Second Hand Furniture


Furniture can make the rooms come together according to your style and transform your house into a personalized space so that you will love it even more. Yet it is one of the major home investments that quickly burn a hole in your budget. That is why many people, especially those on a tight budget who like creative challenges, go for used furniture.

Shopping for second-hand furniture is often tricky, though. You need to consider a lot of things in order to end up with truly good pieces. Here are some tips for purchasing used furniture.


1. Have a Plan and Know Exactly What to Look For

It can be a bit daunting to wade through huge piles of used furniture. You can easily get distracted and forget what you’re looking for. In the end, you could get back home with fittings you do not really need. Other times, you may give up and buy nothing. That’s why you should keep your list handy and know what you’re hunting for.

2. Examine Pieces Carefully and Try Them Out

Whether you shop for second-hand furniture on an estate/garage sale or somewhere else, be sure to test it out before making a purchase. Lean on tables, sit in chairs/armchairs, and open up all the cabinet drawers.

In case of damaged items, make sure they can be fixed and reused. You can always paint over undesirable colors and fix surface damages. However, you will have a hard time remedying furnishing items that feature shoddy construction. That’s why it is important to judge for quality and construction. Solid wood is considered the best bet.

3. Beware of Germs and Bed Bugs

Steer clear of second-hand mattresses. They often harbor bugs, germs, and bacteria you cannot spot easily. If you cannot afford a new mattress set, go for air mattresses.

It’s also critical to inspect furniture thoroughly for bed bugs. Bring a flashlight, magnifying glass, and some disposable latex gloves. These nasty bloodsucking bugs tend to hide in seams and narrow cracks. Once you’ve brought bed bugs home, you will have difficulty getting rid of them. If your home is already infested with these fear-inducing insects, your best bet is to contact a professional, such as bed bug control Las Vegas.


4. Give the Furniture a Sniff Test

Every house has a specific aroma. Over the years, furniture gets a smell of people who live in that home. This is especially true for old sofas. Chances are that you’ll bring the odors of past owners when buying used furniture. Some odors can be eliminated with a thorough airing and cleaning. However, there are smells, such as smoking and pet urine odor, that never go away.

5. Take Advantage of Special Sales

Do not miss the special deals when shopping for second-hand furniture. Many people prefer shopping at estate or garage sales, as this is a great way to find good items at bargain prices. It’s also a good idea to go through classified ads in newspaper and publications.

Shopping for used furniture is a rewarding and exciting experience. Even though second-hand furniture is very affordable, it can still make your home decor dream comes true. These practical tips can make your shopping easier and more successful. Just follow them to find great pieces.