5 hobbies to keep you creative while staying at home


The invisible enemy that highlighted 2020 impacted our lives in many areas. Since staying home has become the ‘new normal’ most of the activities are happening indoors. If you are not a ‘stay home’ person, it is about time to accept that and make it fun and enjoyable. There are so many activities to keep you away from boredom. Why not choose something to keep your mind sharp and make you happy? Take a look at the selected hobbies we recommend you to try if you are ready to dive into the inspiration until this chaos is over.


1. Cooking sessions

Maybe you don’t know how to cook, but starting small can get you into the cooking hobby right away. Enroll in some cooking TV shows or online cooking channels, and the inspiration will immediately appear. From preparing scrambled eggs to the best cake ever you can become one of the greatest chefs in your family. There are tons of recipes to prepare, and cooking is a useful hobby as well. You will learn about the ingredients, have prepared meals on the table for the whole family, and gain a positive relaxing mood.


2. Make your own creations

The Winter holidays are getting close. Use this period to prepare your own Christmas decorations and make your home look glam, without emptying your pockets. Having no idea what you should create shouldn’t bother you. Just play some Christmas movies and inspirations will flow. Get your tools and starting making magic out of nothing. Every home looks better when you put effort and creativity into it.

3. Writing on a paper

Technology not just can make your eyes look tired, the feeling when writing on a paper feels like you are a member of the greatest writers in the world. Buy some interesting feather pen and get into this creative hobby. Every written thought can lead to a great story. Write about whatever is on your mind, whether that’s your wishes and goals, even that negative self-talk you have often. Instant relief and disappearing stress are the results, trust me.


4. Gardening at home

Who says gardening is just for the warm seasons. When the weather cools down don’t wait to put the flowers in the living room. Those fresh colors and green ambient will surely make you follow the new trends when it comes to this year’s decorations. The more plants you have, the better your home will look natural. Saving those plants while the long winter is ‘on’ is a truly heart-warming deed.


5. Painting

You never had good grades in school for painting, but, who can limit you to try many times until you get the painting you painted in your mind. Get the brushes, coz you are getting into a new hobby. Who knows, you might make a masterpiece that will be sold for a lot of money. Try with simple lines, or with simple things you have in your home. This hobby is probably one of the most relaxing ones. And if the brushes are not helping you, took some pencils, or try painting with your hands.