5 Items Cat Lovers Can’t Live Without


There are a lot of dedicated cat lovers out there who have individual items that they swear they can’t live without. Now cats may be small, but they require a particular environment to thrive in, and we all love to give them just that. These types of things can even be small, such as their specific diets and the collars they wear. 

Having specific things that cat lovers use on a daily basis for their cats may seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple to get on board with. You’ll start to realize that these types of items may make you and your cat’s life more enjoyable and straightforward. 

1. A Cute Cat Collar 

There may be several reasons why you may or may not decide to put a collar on your cat. To influence your decisions, you should look to the type of neighborhood you are in, whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, or if you have multiple cats to look out for. When looking through your options, you should consider that putting a collar on your cat is a safe, cost-efficient decision. 

It is helpful in case your cat escapes, and if they are wearing a collar, there is a better chance that your cat will be brought back to you. Since there are a lot of outdoor and feral cats, they are passed up for often in case they are already where they are supposed to be. This can also help when identifying eat cat you own since a lot of cats look-alike and may have certain medical conditions. You can also get cute personalized type collars that match your cat’s personality and style, for example, forthefurry.com/collections/cat-collars have collars that are wonderful for cat lovers. 

2. High Sided Litter Boxes 

Cats are known to be relatively clean animals, but sometimes there are issues when it comes to keeping the litter boxes spotless. Cats can be shown to have problems with spraying and making a mess with the cat litter, which can be a problem when trying to keep a neat home. 

A solution to these types of obstacles can be high sided litter boxes so they can help contain odors, keep litter inside, and make spraying less frequent. It can also prevent cats from kicking the litter outside of the box, while still making it easy for cats to hop in right in. 

3. Litter Mat

Speaking of litter boxes, investing in a litter mat that is placed underneath can provide some great benefits. While high sided litter boxes can help keep messes from happening, there is always an occasional slip-up, and that’s where the litter mat comes in. 

A litter mat can help clean your cat’s paws after stepping in the litter box and in turn keep your house cleaner. The litter mat does this by wiping off the cat’s paws after they jump out of the box and keeps litter and mess from getting on the floor. 

4. A Fun Cat Tree

Cats make a lot of use of horizontal and vertical parts of an environment, so a cat tree can be very beneficial. A cat tree is a cat lovers dream since it something special for a cat to have more fun and feel safer. 

A cat tree works very well for timid cats so they can have a safe place, but still, stay out in the open. This helps your cat have a better visual advantage on the environment, so he feels comfortable in his surroundings. A cat tree can also keep the peace between multiple cats since when a physical confrontation may take place, one cat can show dominance by climbing to a higher place instead. 

5. Wet Food & Raw Diet For Cats

All cat lovers should know about the possibilities of feeding your cat a raw or wet food diet if possible. While it may be more expensive, if you do have the ability to it can provide more benefits for your cat. 

Felines are naturally carnivores, and they thrive on a high protein and moisture diet that develop strong bones and muscles. Although raw and wet food diets should always be consulted and determined with a veterinary nutritionist to make the best decisions for your cat.