5 key facts about underfloor heating


Underfloor heating dates back to Roman times, and there are many excellent reasons for its enduring popularity. The main one is that this system heats rooms more efficiently than conventional radiators and therefore has excellent energy saving credentials.


  1. Save energy with underfloor heating

If you’re looking to cut down on your fuel bills and conserve energy, then underfloor heating from The Underfloor Heating Store may be the solution for you. According to an article in The Guardian newspaper, an historic hotel in Hertfordshire has found that it can cut energy costs and preserve the historic integrity of an ancient inn through the installation of underfloor heating. Conventional radiators don’t always heat a room efficiently, whereas underfloor heating will heat the whole room. UK homes are the least energy efficient in Europe, and the energy that’s used for this type of system is reduced by two thirds compared with a conventional heating system.


  1. Free up wall space and abolish radiators

With underfloor heating you can say goodbye to cumbersome and ugly radiators. This will allow you to decorate your room more easily, and you’ll find that you have more space. These ugly contraptions won’t clutter window alcoves and you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of the whole room, not just the areas that don’t have central heating radiators. Radiators, with their sharp edges, can also be dangerous if you have small children. By abolishing these appliances you’ll make your home a safer and friendlier environment for all.


  1. Silence is golden

How often have you been woken at an early hour in the morning when the boiler ignites to fire up the central heating? One of the joys of underfloor heating is that it’s silent. The electric mat system and the water-based system will just come on when activated by their digital thermostats. With contemporary thermostats you can also keep an eye on your energy costs, and regulate your room temperatures accordingly.


  1. Water or electric systems

You have a choice of two systems. You can either opt for an electric floor heating system, or you could go with hydronic or water based systems. Both systems will cost about a £1 a day to heat your home, which is a huge saving on conventional heating systems. The pumps used by the water system operate at a lower temperature than a conventional boiler based central heating system, reducing your costs and your carbon emissions.


  1. You can use underfloor heating in any room in the house

An article in The Daily Mail recommends that you should install underfloor heating in your conservatory: ‘the ultimate heating solution is to have underfloor heating installed’, states the writer. Some experts maintain that it’s preferable to have a carpeted or stone flooring surface, whereas others state that underfloor heating can be installed under any surface, including laminate. Imagine the joys of getting up in the morning to a warm floor, rather than shivering your way to the bathroom.
The Romans dealt with the vagaries of the British climate with underfloor heating, perhaps we should follow suit!