5 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas


Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home improvement projects for most homeowners, mostly because it is a small space making it easier and cheaper to renovate. Nowadays, modern design is also one of the most popular home styles, so here are five ways you add a modern feel to your bathroom.



A modern, clean paint style is something that can complete change the look and feel of your bathroom cheaply and easily, especially if you have experience painting. Some paint ideas would be to paint wide accent stripes, or just a solid contemporary color that would really make your bathroom pop. Be careful to pick good cleaners for the home cleaning toolkit, so that you can put the shine to the bathroom without adding problems to the paint.

Concrete Counter Tops

Most people splurge on granite or quarts counters for a premium look, but, won’t give you the modern look you’re going for. Smooth Concrete is much cheaper, and will definitely give you a unique, modern, and minimalist look to your sink and counter.

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Subway Tiles

Subway tiles on not just the walls of your bathroom, but also your kitchen, seems to be a popular trend recently to give your living space a more modern feel. The best part about this project is you can get tiles that already match the color and accents of your bathroom, making this a relatively easy project. Don’t worry if you have a bad looking tile among the bunch, you can always place it near the door and add a rug. Rug cleaning in the bathroom will be very simple.

Contrasting Colors

When planning your bathroom refurbishment, be sure to make the overall color scheme of your bathroom two contrasting colors. This gives your bathroom a more clean and modern look by separating itself from the dull colors of ordinary bathrooms.

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The number one rule when shopping for new modern hardware or fixtures for your bathroom is to find the most minimal fixture you can find. If you consider this when buying decorations for your bathroom you are almost guaranteed a more modern look. Not to mention that it will make your life when house cleaning much easier. Less is more, as they say.

Make use of these tips and see how good your bathroom can really look. End everything up with a steam cleaning job – call professional cleaners to do it for you if you need to. This will put the shine to the bathroom and you will be very pleased with the overall results. Now your job is to keep the bathroom clean as you would keep the home clean and all is well.