5 Modern Home Transformations Worth Considering


As a homeowner, it’s crucial to uphold property value. So, if you’re thinking about investing in your property by upgrading some part of it, it’s important to know if you’re spending your money well.

Not only will home renovation projects and upgrades cost quite a bit, but they often influence property value. 

There are so many renovation options and ideas out there that will enhance appeal, comfort, or even add convenience, but not all of them can increase value like these five modern home transformations.  

New Kitchen Appliances

New kitchen appliances have the ability to give any kitchen a completely new look; matching modern appliances make a big impact. 

If your budget allows more extensive kitchen improvements, it’s worthwhile to replace the cabinets and counters and install a backsplash. New kitchen flooring is always a great choice, and extra storage can also make a massive difference to the overall look of a kitchen. 

With this, it’s wise to purchase a home warranty plan. Home warranties add extra protection by covering things that home insurance policies don’t. Even so, these products are not the same because a warranty plan is more like a service contract. 

Solar Power

There are tons of benefits of installing solar power at home. Even though this home transformation project won’t influence the look of your home, it will add value in several other ways. 

Solar power usage can ultimately eliminate your power bill, you’ll be lending a hand in protecting the planet, and you’ll increase property value substantially. 

Nevertheless, solar power installations are quite expensive, so you could consider installing fewer panels or only opting for a solar water heater. This way, you can slowly afford the transformation. 


Landscaping is one particular home transformation project that has the power to increase property value by a staggering percent. Moreover, landscaping is also one of the more affordable options. 

Some modern landscaping design ideas are elements like grass or stone tiles, statement planters, and practical outdoor furniture. 

Bathroom Upgrades

Bathrooms also have a substantial impact on property value. So, these upgrades are worthwhile as well. Nevertheless, for a modern bathroom upgrade, consider frameless shower doors, a new vanity, and accent lighting. 

Choose neutral colors and follow minimalist design principles, especially for a modern bathroom makeover. In addition to this, swap fixtures and fittings for modern designs. 

Home Automation

Home automation can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars, depending on the system and devices. But whichever innovations you choose for automation upgrades, you won’t regret the spend. 

This type of home upgrade will add a lot of convenience to your everyday life. But beyond that, when choosing quality home automation, you’ll also be adding significantly to property value. 

There are a few appealing ways to give your home a makeover and add to property value at the same time. However, because some improvement projects won’t add value and may even harm property value, it’s always important to determine if a project is worth the investment before making a decision.