5 Most Incredible Undiscovered Places In South America To Take Your Breath Away


South America is each traveler’s paradise. In this continent, everyone can find what he is looking for – from beautiful beaches and nature to noisy cities where everyone can party all night long. Here you can also find the Amazon forest, which is usually called as a Lungs of Earth, and the beautiful mountains.  So it is not a surprise to know, that this continent is always full of tourists.


Although in some cases, not that further away from the famous capitals and main tourists attractions, you can find real wonders not yet discovered by many. So today, I present you the five most impressive tourist unknown places in South America! Let’s thank Travel Ticker for sharing this list with us, and let’s hope that soon enough we will get a chance to see all this beauty with our own eyes!

By train towards the clouds

To travel by plane has become a routine part of any kind of traveling. But can you imagine going by train and still get a chance to enjoy clouds from your window seat? This unusual entertainment can be tested in Argentina.

“Tren Las Nubes” railway locomotive will lift you up to 4 kilometers above sea level! The 15-hour-long journey starts in the small town of Salta, and during it, you will be able to admire not only beautiful sky but also fantastic nature too! While you will be comfortably sitting in your chair, the train will roll over 29 bridges and 21 tunnels, so the view will be fantastic for sure. The train also passes the La Polvorilla viaduct, which is very tall and will make you close your eyes for a bit.

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Adopt a penguin? It is possible!

In Magdalena Island, which legally belongs to Chile, you may get surprised. You will be greeted by not only sailors dressed in striped shirts but by hundreds of penguins too.

The world’s largest birds reserve population is about 120 thousand, so to protect the environment visitors’ stay is usually limited in here. However, these exotic animals are very brave – they are not only interested in people who come here to check on them and see if they brought some snacks, but also they are willing to pose for camera’s flashes too. So here you will get a perfect shot of these cute birds easily.

If your lifetime dream was to have a pet like that, I have a surprise for you! If you want to support an organization that takes care of these penguins, you can “adopt” one of the penguins! Of course, you won’t get a chance to take your new pet home, but periodically you will be informed about how your little one is doing.

A desert that looks like Mars

If you ever wanted to travel to Mars, you can at least experience a bit of that in another perfect place founded in South America. The Atacama Desert, which is located both on Chile and Peru, will make to double check what you see here. It is actually the driest place on Earth, with only 0.5 mm of rainfall per year in here. So to find a living creature here is also very hard.

Do not be surprised if you see the team of NASA scientists here one day. Before flying to Mars, scientists do a lot of testing on this rough surface. However, no matter how daunting and quiet this desert can be, the Atacama’s sky is always clear, so this is no a better place to count the stars and observe the vast horizons of space above us too.

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Chilean Antarctic

Although we imagine South America as a super hot continent, just nearby the borders of Chile and Argentina, you can stop by and explore Perito Moreno glacier which highly reminiscent of the Antarctica. The massive ice wall ends at Lake Argentino, which also makes a natural dam.

In spring, flowing water from mountains starts to destroy the fortress, so the falling ice blocks not only give a spectacular view but also make a huge noise which interrupts the silence of the national park. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this giant iceberg can be reached by boat only. So if you get in here one day, you can see its beauty from not only far away, but also even touch it!

Alien footprints in Easter Island

The Easter Island is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Many scientists try to find out how ancient people manage to get so many massive stone sculptures into a single location. It is also unknown what purpose these monoliths’ had. Some people think of the more than 6 meters high sculpture as aliens’ work, but skeptics argue that they probably served as tombstones.

However, these massive sculptures are not the only reason why people go to Easter Island. A group of linguists has failed to decipher the mysterious Rongo Rongo-tables, reminiscent of ancient Egyptian carvings. So, you can try to do that for them! Nonetheless, the greatest magic of the place is created by a separation from the outside world. This small land in the middle of the ocean can help to not only forget about continually ringing smartphone, but also all daily troubles. And that is all what we can ever wish for!