5 Most Popular European Destinations for Expats


Whether you want to retire, work, or invest abroad, Europe has a lot to offer. From famous metropolises like Paris and Barcelona to quaint medieval towns, there’s an overwhelming variety of lifestyles, cultures, and landscapes to explore. Choosing where to move can be a daunting process because each place can offer something thoroughly unique. However, due to the possible language barrier, you will encounter fewer obstacles if you set up your new life in a place with a large community of expatriates. 

Read on to discover the most popular European destinations for expats.

Marbella, Spain 

A stunning resort town on Spain’s Costa del Sol, Marbella is one of the most sought-after expat destinations in Europe. The town attracts some of the wealthiest expats and tourists that come here to enjoy the all-year-round sunshine, the gorgeous Mediterranean scenery, and the refined but relaxed Spanish lifestyle. Due to the town’s outstanding popularity, you can easily find new build properties for sale in Marbella

Lisbon, Portugal 

Lisbon is one of the most popular European destinations for expats who prefer the big city life. As a capital city, Lisbon is home to dozens of cultural and historical attractions. Located on the northern banks of the River Tagus, right where the river meets the ocean, the city also has a unique natural beauty. It’s also one of the most affordable capitals in Western Europe, which can be helpful if you plan to buy a property. 

Malaga, Spain 

Malaga is the largest city on Spain’s Costa del Sol and an entry point for anyone looking to get a glimpse into the Andalusian lifestyle. If Spain’s southern coast is known for its quaint, white-washed towns and villages, Malaga has all the qualities of a large urban center. For many expats interested in experiencing life in Spain, Malaga is the most sensible choice because it’s affordable, well-connected, and stunning. 

Berlin, Germany 

As cosmopolitan as Paris or London, Berlin is surprisingly affordable when compared to other European capitals. For expats looking for a place renowned for its countercultural, artistic, and creative spirit, Berlin is an excellent choice. But the city is also an important tech hub and home to dozens of large, multinational companies. If you seek an international, eclectic atmosphere, Berlin is one of the best places to be as an expat. 


This small country in the Mediterranean Sea has a large community of expats, and their number keeps growing. Since English is an official language, communication is effortless. The economy is thriving, and the tax system is strongly supportive of entrepreneurs and freelancers. If you want to experience the relaxed Mediterranean vibe without worrying about the language barrier, Malta should be your top choice. 

Millions of expats have successfully integrated into Europe. No matter your age, lifestyle, or socioeconomic status, you can find a place that matches your expectations. Although the idea of moving abroad can be intimidating, many places in Europe already have a developed system for accommodating expats. So, find your ideal destination and take the plunge. You can also check Properties for Sale La Zagaleta.