5 Must Haves For Your Winter Collection


Winter is fully upon us, so it’s time to make sure you have your winter collection full of this seasons must haves. You don’t want you to miss out on what’s big in the fashion world, so here’s a heads up on Winter 2015’s must have items for this season.


Faux Fur

Summer is officially over and now we’re all looking to the winter collection for something to keep us warm and stylish, and what better way to combine both than with some scrumptious faux fur inspired by 70’s fashion. This season is all about faux fur, it just seems to be everywhere. Whether it’s a blanket cape with a faux fur collar, a stylish biker jacket with fur trim or a full faux fur coat, the faux fur phenomenon is here and one of this season’s hottest must haves. Nothing will keep out the winter cold better than wrapping up in faux fur.


Cosy Knitwear

It’s inevitable that when the weather turns cold, knitwear takes centre stage as a winter wardrobe staple, and thankfully it’s still a major player for this year too. Fine knits, chunky knits, baggy jumpers, longline cardigans and knitted jackets are all hot for Winter 2015. Finished with added detailing like metal zips, leather trims and asymmetrical cuts they look unique, stylish and right on the grunge vibe that’s big right now. People will be falling over themselves to make sure they don’t miss out on the perfect woollen wonder.

Oversized Coats

Another must have for this winter has got to be the oversized coat. Celebrities the world over are wrapping up and keeping out the cold winter air already with oversized coats, which means the high street is following suit. Oversized coats are not only practical, but look great with a whole range of outfits too. Go for a causal look with faded skinny jeans, loafers and a baggy top or smarten it up draped over a Christmas party dress. Make sure you’ve got oversized coats in your collection and you won’t go far wrong for AW2015.

The Ultimate Party Dress

No winter collection is complete without a selection of party dresses on offer. This season it’s all about glitzy dresses with metallic tones and embellished with sequins. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long gown or one above the knee, if it’s got sequins, symmetrical patterns and is figure hugging it’s right on the money. The right sparkly party dresses can make all the difference to your Winter collection and be a real statement piece to light up any Christmas do or night out.

Biker Chic

Not that we want to labour an obvious point, but coats and jackets are a must have for this season, but in addition to faux fur and oversized, bang on trend right now is the grunge -biker look. Embrace these leather lovelies and you’ll have people begging to know where they got it from. And it seems that the more fringe you have on those wings the better, think Kendall Jenner. These versatile jackets are incredible as they can be dressed down with ripped jeans, biker boots and a white t-shirr or dressed up with a metallic sequinned dress and some ankle boots for an edgy evening look.

Don’t miss out on the latest must haves for this season. With Parisian fashion, you’ll find the latest celebrity inspired fashion all in one place.