5 of the Best Italian Destinations for a Motorhome Holiday


According to Premier Motorhomes LTD Motorhome holidaying abroad is becoming more and more popular these days because it gives explorers the unique opportunity to visit multiple areas without dealing with the costs and hassles associated with hotel accommodation as well as the freedom to visit locations at their leisure.It’s because of this that many major tourist spots have become increasingly accommodating for motorhome holidaymakers, Italy included.

If you are like most people, visiting stunning and historic Italy is a location that is more than likely  on your bucket list, and if you are a motorhome enthusiast this probably reigns even truer due to Italy’s compact and condensed tourist areas. Whether you enjoy visiting historic museums and art galleries, crave exotic and stimulating nightlife or are a self-proclaimed food aficionado, Italy is sure to have no shortage of satisfaction to accommodate any manner of holidaymaker.

Italy is home to some of the most visited cities and villages throughout the world boasting a timeless beauty that is beyond  compare to anywhere else on the globe.  Below are the top 5 best Italian destinations to check out on your Italian motorhome holiday.


If you have a passion for history, then Rome is the perfect Italian city to visit.Rome is the capital of modern Italy and is very close to the world famous Vatican City, and although it is home to some of Italy’s most ancient monuments it still has all the modern amenities of a major metropolitan city, and most importantly is very motorhome friendly.


Regardless of what means you are travelling by Venice is a must see on your Italian holiday. Venice is a spectacular city built on water in the middle of a large lagoon and is considered to be one the most popular cities in Italy, and for good reason. Venice is home to the magnificent Saint Mark’s Basilica church as well as some of the world’s most interesting museums.


Florence is located in Tuscany and is home to some of the world’s most famous paintings and sculptures. One can easily make a day of enjoying and exploring  the endless awe-inspiring gardens that are placed all over this breathtaking city.


Perugia’s history dates back as far as the ninth century BC,but its feel is well up to date with the 21st century. Perugia is a very cosmopolitan city that is home to two of Italy’s major universities so it should be of no surprise that it is also home to some very popular nightclubs. If you wish to take a break from Italy’s historic sightseeing to enjoy some exciting nightlife, Perugia will more than accommodate.


Bologna is the largest city in northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region and is best known for its intense beauty and wealth as well as its mouth-watering cuisine. The stunning squares lined with beautifully designed buildings and attractive porticoes as well as their magnificent medieval centre will be the perfect high note to end your Italian holiday on.