5 Organization Tips That Keep Countertops Clear


Your kitchen countertop is one of the places where mess easily accumulates without you noticing it. By the time you’re aware of it, you’ll have a huge pile of dirty dishes, trash, and all kinds of mess to clean.

But used utensils and foodstuff are not the only causes of your cluttered countertop. Inefficient use of space also results in a disorganized counter. Fortunately, you can keep your countertop clear with these five kitchen organization hacks.

Use Vertical Storage

One of the best ways to declutter your space, especially something small like a kitchen countertop, is to use vertical storage. It keeps the counter itself clean and clutter-free while using your kitchen space. Examples of vertical storage organizers are floating shelves and cabinets, hanging racks, hooks, hangers, and wall pockets.

Vertical organizers don’t take up “floor space” and don’t create obstructions. Plus, they can be easy and inexpensive to install. In fact, you can create DIY vertical organizers for your kitchen. It doesn’t take a lot of materials or work if you already have the tools to make one.

Don’t worry if it’s your first time taking on a DIY project. There are plenty of detailed plans and tutorials you can find online to guide you.

Add Drawer Dividers

Searching for something in a cluttered drawer is one of the most inconvenient and frustrating things ever. You don’t have to unearth everything in your drawer if you add dividers to put an order to the stuff inside.

Readymade dividers are available in most department stores. But if you want to customize and save money, you can make your own drawer dividers out of recycled materials.

You can use cereal boxes, cardstock, cardboard, shoeboxes, or even Amazon boxes. You can basically use anything that’s made of hardened paper to create DIY drawer organizers. You can even add it to other drawers in your house if you have extra materials.

Section Shelves Using Tension Rods

Stacking things one on top of another is not very systematic and safe thing to do, especially if they’re made of breakable or easily damaged materials. A lot of people pile their pots and pans on the shelves over the kitchen countertop because it’s more accessible. But you’re risking being felled by a metal pot every time you get something out of the shelf.

Reduce the risk of kitchen accidents like this, and make life easier for yourself by organizing your shelf space using tension rods. With tension rods, you can create horizontal and vertical dividers to create specific slots of pans, boards, and pot covers.

You can also use tension rods as hangers for hanging mugs in the shelves. There are many ways you can use tension rods to organize your space.

Maximize Space with a Tiered Cake Stand

Cake stands are not just for displaying cakes, pastries, and desserts. They can be plenty useful for organizing stuff too. You can use a tiered cake stand to organize herbs and spices, fruits, and kitchen things.

Using multilevel cake stand can save more space than just putting all the spice and herb bottles on your counter. Plus, it leaves everything at an arm’s reach, so you can have a seamless cooking experience.

A cake stand isn’t only useful in the kitchen. You can also use it to organize accessories, makeup products, and all sorts of trinket.

Clean as You Go

Change your habit of leaving things to clean up later (e.g., dirty dishes, fruit and vegetable peel, and used utensils). It just creates clutter on your countertop. No matter how rushed you are (unless you’re in a life-and-death situation), wash your dishes and utensils, and clean up your mess as soon as you’re done with what you’re doing.

This frees the space on your countertop and prevents the mess from accumulating. Moreover, leaving your dirty kitchen for a full day may attract insects and pests. So save yourself all the trouble, and clean as you go.

Final Word

Organizing requires time and work, but it doesn’t take that much to optimize a small space like a kitchen counter. It only requires some creativity and resourcefulness to put things in order.

Using vertical organizers vacates your counter’s “floor space” for actual cooking while having kitchenwares and utensils in easy access and saves you from getting a concussion from getting hit by a falling metal pot. Adding dividers in drawers saves you hassle of browsing through stuff (possibly sharp and dangerous) that have piled up to get what you need.

Tension rods and multilevel cake stand can add more order to your organization system. They don’t cost much or take a lot of work to install. But all your effort in creating clever organization hacks won’t be of much use if you don’t get into the habit of leaving your countertop clean after use.