5 Personalised Interior Design Ideas To Make Your House A Home


When it comes to interior designs, the latest trends dictate the ideal home of the future. However, too often the fashionable move towards spartan, modernist and minimalist interiors make it hard for homeowners to show their individualism. In this article, we will investigate some quick, easy and cost-effective ways to put your own mark on your home and impress your guests with your unique style. 

Personalized Homeware

One option for getting some unique designs into your home is to invest in some personalized homeware. Many families already have professional family portraits, so why not go a step further and incorporate this into a personalized rug, kitchenware or curtains. Alternatively, you can create your own personal patterns or other stencil designs. Take a look at sites like Personalization Mall for some examples of what you could buy, couponbox also have some voucher codes available for big savings on this site. 

Reclaimed Furniture

A more rustic, timeless approach to injecting your home with a bit of your character is to get hold of some old wood to turn into furniture. Reclaimed wood, as a cost-effective and easy way to show your individualism, is a hugely popular design trend for all types of home interior styles. The term relates to any furniture made from salvaged or recycled wood, often previously used in construction or found in piles of driftwood at the beach. You can be as experimental as you like, just take a look at this article for plenty of creative ideas for using reclaimed bamboo wood

Feature Walls

Feature walls have long been an interior design enthusiast’s staple. These eye-catching walls are designed to highlight a room’s existing focal point. For a living room, perhaps the wall with the mantle or backdrop of the TV would make a good choice, in a bedroom the wall behind the headboard is often used as the feature wall. The wall can be patterned and painted however you like, but usually bright colours and bold patterns that contrast with the rest of the walls work best. Why not reflect your own style with a handmade stencil depicting a personal interest and use your favourite colour?

Creative Lighting Ideas

As any budding interior designer should know, lighting can make or break your night when entertaining and transform your living space at the touch of a button. In today’s modern homes sterile overly-bright lighting is too often seen, but this is easily remedied with a little personalization. This can be anything from investing in some candles, lamps or fairy lights, but if you want to make your lighting truly unique why not get a little more creative? Fashioning your own throw or lampshade can lead to exceptional results. By choosing the correct colours to set the scene, and having a few different coloured throws and lampshades available, you can completely transform your living spaces from sterile hospitals to hospitable, romantic environments that can instantly make you and your guests feel more at home.

If you want your home to stand out and reflect your character, there are plenty of more approaches to choose from. Take a look at this article on tips and ideas for giving your home a makeover for a good place to start.