5 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own


Are you trying to decide which pieces of jewelry are worth the investment? Perhaps you’re doing some purging – which ones should you hold onto? There are countless varieties of jewelry: necklaces, rings (for your fingers and toes) – everything from watches to the breast pocket broach. Each offers its own flare, but there are only a select few that every woman must own. Only a handful of pieces complete a woman’s wardrobe and offer that elegant touch that perfectly complements an outfit. Which are the winners?

  1. Stud Earrings


Tacori Dantela Earrings | Thom Duma Fine Jewelers

Classic. These little babies – albeit tiny – add a special boost to any outfit. That’s the real appeal – they can class up literally anything you wear. Diamond studs are a truly elegant addition, while other varieties can serve well with casual wear. Whether you’re headed to the gym or trying to look polished for a fancy dinner, stud earrings can complete your getup. Look to them as your go-to piece.

  1. Necklace

Can you say versatility? The necklace, which literally sits at the forefront of your outfit, can take your appearance from blah to bizzam. They’re a particularly important piece for women who wear uniformlike garments on a daily basis. When I have to wear a suit, for example, I depend on my necklace(s) to add my own personal style to the neutral professional attire. It really does the trick.


Mave Necklace | Gorjana

Necklaces are not limited to suit-wearers by any means. Necklaces can be golden, made of diamonds or even be fashioned from wood. Heck, I used to make necklaces out of clovers on the playground. No matter your style, you can find a necklace to complete your look.

  1. Decorative Earrings

While studs provide a fashionable yet refined touch, they don’t add zest and oomph like dangles or hoops. Hoops alone can come in a range of sizes and materials; dangles bring an entire new world of earrings to the table. You have to be careful that you keep these varieties from being too over the top, however. It can happen pretty easily. Hoops with 3-inch diameters, for example, may be something you want to pass on.


Grace Chandeliers | Stella & Dot

Another note: Be careful when pairing your chandelier earrings with your necklace. This can sometimes result in an overload – a “What should I look at first?” sort of effect. You can probably get away with wearing just one of the two items.

  1. Bracelet


‘Idiom – Good as Gold’ Bangle | Kate Spade

Bangles, beads or charms – bracelets are yet another thing every woman should have. Perhaps it’s a piece that you can wear every day – something neutral and comfortable (that hopefully brings you luck, too). Perhaps, though, you want your bracelet to be the focus of your outfit. If that’s the case, opt for color. Make it pop.

  1. Ring

No, I don’t mean a ring on thatfinger. I’m referring to a fashionable piece that is not too flashy, but doesn’t go unnoticed, either. Look for something that fits your style – gems, colors, neutrality – you can find your perfect ring if you look. Consider which finger will be most comfortable for you, and then find out your ring size. An added bonus: Wearing a ring can really feminize your hands, especially if you pair with well-manicured nails.


Miss Havisham Liquid Gold Triangle Ring | Alexis Bittar

These five items will take your jewelry collection from sporadic to spot-on. Regardless of style, budget or desired comfort, there is something for everybody when it comes to these winners. Trying to spend less? Look for diamond substitutes like opals, pearls or white sapphires, which are cheaper but offer a lot in the way of appearances. Shop around to find your perfect pieces and you can soon begin modeling the ideal contents of every woman’s jewelry box.

Adrienne Erin is a health and beauty writer who blogs at Foodie Fitness. To get in touch, follow @foodierx on Twitter.