5 Prints To Wear This Wedding Season


Weddings are one of the happiest events of the wear, and what pairs better to a joyful event than fun and colorful print! With the wedding season just beginning, it’s time to start planning your wedding guest outfits for the year. With a wedding being a dress-to-impress event, deciding what to wear can be daunting especially when precious memories are made and photos will be taken that will be kept for years. One concern about prints at a wedding is outshining and creating too much of a statement against the color palette of the wedding, but the couple getting married will always be the focus of the moment so express yourself through your prints! 

  1. Polka Dot

Polka dot print is one of the most classic and safe options (next to floral) for a wedding guest print. This versatile print is usually found in natural prints with popular colors being black, white, white, neutral tones, and cream. This timeless print has had an uplift over the last couple of years with more adventurous colorways such as greens, oranges, and blues. Polka dot print is the perfect print whether you are looking for a bold bright print or something more reserved you are sure to find a polka dot print that suits your style. 

  1. Floral

When talking about wedding guest prints, it doesn’t get more popular than floral prints. This go-to print is considered romantic, and whimsical, and will match any wedding venue.  From oversized peony prints, watercolor style pastels, and delicate ditsy styles, floral prints can be found in so many different styles, colors, and patterns. Trending loud bright prints with oversized petals, busy overlapping watercolor flowers, and vintage-inspired tulip prints. If you are looking for floral wedding guest dress options, visit https://www.dancingleopard.co.uk/collections/wedding-guest-dresses

  1. Neutral

When in doubt neutrals are always an option. Although not considered a print. A classic neutral-toned dress can take you from the start to the end of the season and onto the next season. If you are looking for a dress that will never go out of fashion, a neutral coloured dress is for you. Neutrals don’t have to be beige, creams, and browns, navy is also a great option for a neutral.  If you want to choose a neutral then opt for a more interesting silhouette to create a subtle statement. 

  1.  Animal Print

Animal print and wedding guest dresses may not sound like a bit of an odd combination but when it comes to animal print it’s all about the tone and silhouette. With traditional neutral animal print designs now being referred to as a new neutral, traditional leopard and animal prints are becoming popular wedding guest prints. Usually seen in oversized prints, small ditsy prints, and green, orange, and deep red bases, it’s a great print to consider for a winter or autumn wedding.

  1. Colour Blocking

If prints are too much but neutrals are too little, then color blocking is the happy medium. Usually seen with contrasting colors, color blocking creates a statement while also keeping a clean and minimalist. Popular color combinations include pink and red, orange and green, and orange and pink.