5 Questions to Consider when choosing a restaurant POS system


If you are the proud business owner or manager of a new restaurant or one that is wanting a bit of an upgrade, then looking into how your POS system functions should be on your check-list. A simple POS system and software can provide more benefits than what can instantly come to your mind, such as better organization, a varied menu, and an overall easier experience for the consumer and owner.

Restaurants certainly are a  make it or break it business. Unfortunately, there is a high failure rate with restaurants that first start out, so it is important to attain an easy start. To do so, adapting to or setting up a high-powered and quality POS system should be the first step, along with personal customizations and accommodations.


What hardware do you have in mind?

Of course the first step in setting up your POS system would be the hardware. In modern times, there are more options than just the standard PC setup. Tablets now appear to be a popular and alternative option, and they could probably help the payment process go by a little bit faster. The POS software that could be implemented within a tablet-based setup is also more varied, with more options and customizations available, and it helps to give an overall more modern feel or aesthetic.

POS Systems don’t have to just be implemented at the front of your restaurant either, as tablet devices could be implemented at your customers table, and they are usually paired with a card reader. Your customers could easily tap through and make a special order, or for the most part, pay their bill with little to no assistance. This would be perhaps the best way to get the most out of your POS system, by implementing it all around your restaurant for the utmost quality.

Do you have menu accommodations and specialties in mind?

If you’re going to have specialty orders and accommodations on certain days of the week, then those definitely need to be implemented within your POS system. This is especially true if you plan to serve wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Soup or salad specials are common, so be sure to have a POS setup that includes different prices and information based on different days of the week. A customer could also easily alter their order due to personal specifications or allergies, so a POS system with customizability and ease of use could make the bill and ordering process go by swiftly.

What Software OS would you prefer?

As you would choose with your phone, up to date restaurant POS systems usually give you the choice between IOS, Android, and more. You may prefer and IOS-based POS system if you want an ipad for your initial hardware setup, and you want to keep things basic. As for the Android options, they are known to have much more customizable setups and are easier for beginners. Your budget should also help to narrow your options, in somewhat of a more positive way, so you could make an easier choice.

What payment options do you plan to accept?

If you are planning on accepting card-based payment methods, then a good card reader/terminal is absolutely necessary. Checks and cash options should also be taken just as easily. If you’re new to the business, it is great to be open to all payment methods, but as it is the modern times, most people pay using their convenient debit or credit cards.

What “Type” of Restaurant do you have in mind?

Do you plan on opening a casual diner, cafe, chain, or just a simple family-oriented buffet? This choice might not seem important, but it can in fact affect how you should operate your POS system. A buffet-type of restaurant should have a quick-functioning POS with simple features and maybe a few key benefits, as opposed to a cafe or upscale setting that should have a more advanced POS system and setup. Get Your POSQuote Today.