5 Reasons Why Electric Radiators Are Popular


Electric radiators are increasingly becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. Here we will outline just a few of the reasons why they are so good so that you can see for yourself, and who knows, you might even have to get one yourself!  


  1. On the Go


Electric radiators are so popular in one aspect because they are portable, relatively light and only have one plug to carry along with it. They are extremely handy, and have a lot less to them than traditional radiators.


  1. Take Control


Using electric heaters offers you much more control over the temperature in your home. With ease you can set different rooms to different temperatures. So if you want the living room to be warm and cosy but the bedroom to be a little cooler, well this can be achieved with minimum difficulty. This can also be extremely cost effective, as instead of blaring heat out in every room costing you money as you may have had to in the past, you can save on heat in rooms you might not be using. Some providers now also have an app for your phone that gives you control over your temperatures even when you are miles away from the house. Online are some great choices when it comes to suppliers of energy efficient electric radiators and electric heaters. Websites such as bestelectricradiators.co.uk have some lovely looking ultra slimline and fully controllable electric central heating systems available to buy, view their electric radiators range here.


  1. Be Efficient


Electric radiators are known to be far more efficient than their older gas fuelled brothers. They get hotter quicker and use every little bit of energy put in to them. So not only do they cost less, you get more heat for your £ as well. When the weather is miserable and you’ve just got in from work, you don’t want to wait ages for the house to feel homely again and thankfully, now you don’t have to.


  1. Saving Pennies


Electric heaters do not need to be annually checked where the gas heaters do. There is no boiler to upkeep, no plumbing equipment and absolutely no need to be calling out engineers and so on, on your days off from work. You can feel safe and confident that your heater will continue to work and if you do have any issues, a lot of electric radiators now come with a warrantee.


  1. Getting it in and Getting it on


Installation with an electric radiator is a walk in the park. It’s a job that you can actually do yourself, you don’t need any specialists or electricians to come out and do it for you. You also have a choice of one mounted to the wall or one that stands freely on the floor. This is another example of an electric heaters’ efficiency, even the installation is quick, cost-effective and pain free.


These are the five reasons as to why electric heaters are becoming more and more popular. It’s not difficult to see why either. Quicker, more efficient, cost-effective, easily controlled, I might even have to go out and get one for myself. But, in reality they are where the heating and plumbing world is heading, as you can see across the board, electrically powered utilities are, for the reasons we have outlined, going to become the ‘go to’ option.