5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Icons on your Fashion Blog


If you’re one of those people who believe that fashion blogging is no longer fashionable, then you haven’t seen this Independent report which shows that some fashion bloggers are earning up to £60,000 ($80,000) for just one Instagram post. Well to be realistic, most of us will not make this much, but that doesn’t mean we can’t earn enough money from fashion blogging to live comfortable lives. However, to make it in this space, you will need to come up with new ideas. The ability to build your own social media network and link your blog to the rest of the world using social media icons is one of them. But, why do you need these icons on your blog?  

  • Engagement

Whether you are blogging for fashion or any either topic, the only way you’ll get people to pay attention is to engage them. People love to share with their friends; the reason why Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are so popular. Have you ever read a story and really wanted to share it with someone only to discover that there are no social media icons in the story? Yes, this could be frustrating.   

These buttons are important especially in an area like fashion. Your readers want to find out what their friends think about a certain item before they try it on. Through sharing your ideas with their own friends, they are helping your blog grow.  

  • Link Building

If you run a fashion blog, your biggest concern should be to stay on top or somewhere close to the top when readers search using keywords. Including social media, icons helps you create search relevance to your blog through different social media channels. Good quality links for your social networks help your blog display more prominently in search results. Of course, this works well if you also have a quality  content and service provider like the Ning network or other prominent ones helping you promote your network effectively.  

  • Increase Traffic

The reason why you have started your fashion blog is to get traffic; right? There are many reasons why traffic is important for your blog. If you have Google AdSense managing advertisements on your site, the more people visit your blog the more money you make.

The one thing you’ll discover once you start blogging is that there are so many content options online that success will be very difficult to achieve unless you have the ability to create a social network. Think of this network as your supporters who will generate awareness among their own networks. Including the social network, icons makes it easy for these supporters to share.

  • See Trends

Having social media icons on your fashion blog can also help you understand the individualities of visitors to your blog. Google analytics can assist you to track your social media pulse. For instance, you’ll have an idea of what the general trend in sharing your content is.  

Knowing the general trend regarding how your content is shared is important as it tells you whether your strategy is working or not. There could be a number of reasons why you’re not getting as many shares as you would like and one of them is the fact the buttons are in the wrong place.  

  • Makes Things Easy for Readers

Do you ever see a blog article you want to read later when you have time? Just share it to your timeline and then look for it there later when you have the time to read. It’s much easier for the reader to look for an article, from your blog, from their timeline than it is for them to remember the name of your blog. Also, if your content has been shared on their timeline, they will always look for you there when they can no longer remember where to find you.


Of course, it’s easy to think that just by having social media icons on your blog you’ll attract the traffic; but it has to be done right. Place the icon strategically on your blog. The top, side or button of your homepage is the best place for the buttons. If all this is done well, you can benefit from the connections across the internet between content controlled by yourself.