5 Reasons To Own a Beach Cruiser


Whether you own one bike or several bikes, a beach cruiser is always a good option. That’s because cruiser bikes have a lot to offer no matter where you live. These styles of bikes are most at home on bike paths and paved roads near the beach or lake, but they also do well in city and country parks, in campgrounds and along a favorite bike path. If you have been thinking about a new bike, here are some reasons a beach cruiser could be your next purchase.

1. They Are Comfortable

With a classic ergonomic design, a plush saddle, upright handlebars and coaster brakes or hand brakes, a beach cruiser is one of the most comfortable bike designs you can hop on board. This means your shoulders, arms, lower back and knees are less likely to ache after several miles of riding. Even plush foam handlebar grips can take away some of the stress in your wrists and hands.

2. They Are Safe  

With a sturdy design and wide tires, your cruiser bike makes it easy to stay upright no matter where you ride. Many styles come with chain guards so you won’t have to worry about snagging your pants and falling, and front and rear fenders keep debris and moisture from spoiling your ride. The coaster brakes or hand brakes make stopping a breeze when you come to an intersection or a family taking it slowly. For extra safety, you can customize your ride with mirrors, bells and baskets.

3. Cruiser Bikes Look Cool

All bicycles have a graceful appeal and cruisers are no different. They have the classic styling of bikes of yesteryear, but they also have all of the modern advances built into the latest models. You can also choose from some very trendy colors that add a bit of flash to your outing. A lavender beach cruiser is an electric option that looks good and has a motor to get you up tough hills. Depending on your bike model, color options include cream, coral, mint green, matte black, light plum, teal blue and more.

4. They Are Affordable

You won’t have to spend too much to get a cruiser you love. Prices start at around a couple of hundred dollars and many models are available for just a little more. An electric cruiser will of course cost a bit more, but you get a long-lasting battery and a motor to provide a power boost when needed.

5. They Come in Many Models

When looking for a bike that fits your fancy, you will have lots of options. You can select from different speeds and an assortment of colors, and you can always customize the ride to your desires. Whether you are looking for a bike that is super simple or one that has a lot of innovations, it is out there for you.

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