5 reasons to wear a tweed suit to your wedding


Grooms – are you looking for inspiration on what to wear for your wedding day? Why not consider a tweed suit? There’s a real resurgence going on at the moment with this classic British look. For years this seemed to be the sole preserve of your grandfather in the country, gamekeepers, and the Royal Family but now, with a countryside revival in full-swing, it provides a superb alternative for any groom looking to break the mould and display their own fashion statement on their nuptials. Here are five excellent reasons why tweed is the way to go…

Stand out from the crowd

The vast majority of grooms wear either a regular smart suit, or a morning suit, to get married in. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of these options, if you like to stand out from the crowd a bit then it becomes a bit difficult when going down the traditional route. Companies such as Dobell that sell tweed suits for grooms are seeing a major uptick in guys who want a vintage look, so if that’s your thing, you’ll find a great range of choice available, and you should also discover that cost-wise there’s very little difference.


There is, of course, a reason that tweed clothing has long been associated with outdoor pursuits such as hunting and golf – the heavier fabrics are excellent at keeping you warm. Authentic tweeds originate from Ireland and Scotland, two countries where what might be considered a mild day in southern England brings the locals out to the coast in shorts and
t-shirts. If your wedding is going to be held between October and May, when cooler weather could be on the cards, then the last thing you want is to be caught out with a lightweight suit that will have you shivering throughout the day. A good tweed suit is both wind and rain resistant, keeping you snug from morning to evening.

Rural style

If you plan to marry in the countryside, perhaps at a stately home, or some other rural retreat, then dressing yourself and your groomsmen in tweed will suit the occasion perfectly. Tweed has for generations been the fabric of choice for country-dwellers, and is the ideal compliment to a bride coming down the aisle in a simple yet beautiful dress with a sprig of wild flowers, and then for the photographs against a wooded backdrop or a meadow. Just setting the scene there… anyway, point is, if you’re getting hitched amid a natural setting then wearing a tweed suit should definitely be a consideration. You should keep it in mind even if you’re tying the knot in a city, of course, but for country weddings it is very appropriate.


Unless you badly mistreat it, your tweed suit should last a lot longer than the average suit in your wardrobe. And because it’s such a classic look, if you buy well then you shouldn’t need to ever worry about it going out of style. Break it in by wearing it around the house for a few weeks before the big day and this will be one of the most comfortable suits you’ll ever wear, and you can continue to use it for years afterwards, at the office during the colder months, or to cut a dash on country weekends away.


Tweed is an endlessly versatile look. It comes in a huge variety of patterns and colours to suit any wedding palette, and thus can be easily paired with everything from waistcoats to caps and even travel luggage for the honeymoon. Almost anyone can pull off a tweed suit, even the ladies are getting in on the act now with lighter fabrics. In fact, the groom, best man and ushers can all wear a different type of tweed and still look amazing together.

A couple of tweed tips. One – don’t be tempted to try and pair a tweed suit with a bow tie.
If you’re not Matt Smith (aka Dr Who) you may struggle to pull it off with panache, so play it safe with a woollen tie. And on that note of caution, if your bride-to-be shows any concern about your breaking with the status quo, just remember that it’s perfectly possible to go understated with tweed as well. Let her see you in the suit some time before the wedding, and she’s certain to be convinced!