5 Reasons Why Everyone Deserves to Own At Least One Luxury Watch in Their Life


What is a Luxury Watch?

When we think of the word luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is typically something expensive or of high value. However, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines luxury as, “something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary”. Although there is no actual definition for the term ‘luxury watch’, the concept is relatively similar to the definition previously stated. A luxury watch is an elegant and relatively costly timepiece that individuals tend to own not out of actual need, but rather as an added pleasure in life!

Why Should Everyone Own At Least One Luxury Watch Throughout Their Life?

Today, many consumers are quickly discovering their passion for luxury watches, as there is nothing better than feeling the weight of a well-made timepiece on their wrist! However, price is oftentimes the biggest deterring factor as to why individuals choose not to follow through with the purchase of their very own luxury watch. However, there really is no set price point that determines whether a watch is considered to be a ‘luxury’ watch. And even further, everyone deserves to splurge on a gift for themselves once in a while. So the next time you’re thinking of purchasing a luxury watch for yourself, don’t let the price deter you. Rather, think of the reasons outlined below as to why everyone deserves to own at least one luxury watch throughout their lifetime.

  1. Luxury watches are an investment

Similar to how consumers purchase collectible cars or other valuables throughout our lives, we do so simply because we view them as not only an item of luxury but also as an investment. The same can be said when it comes to purchasing a luxury watch of your very own! The great thing about luxury watches is that they tend to retain their value relatively well, and in some scenarios, they even increase in value as they age. So rather than spending your money on other items such as clothing that tends to lose value and become quickly dated, purchasing a luxury watch for yourself may be the perfect investment for you!

  1. Luxury watches are built to last

Another key reason that everyone deserves to own a luxury watch is that, unlike other, cheaper alternatives, luxury watches are built with the utmost quality and they are truly built to last. Luxury watches were made with their lifecycle in mind, and they’re a valuable investment that can last for generations to come. When compared to their cheaper alternatives, they tend to have a much longer lifecycle and will be there to follow you through all the stages of your life.

  1. Luxury watches could be passed on as a family heirloom

As mentioned previously, quality is one of the single most important distinguishers between a luxury watch and other cheaper watches on the market. This is primarily because they’re bound to last for generations to come, making them a great family heirloom, as well. Not only will the watch be of great value to you, but it can be passed down to future generations of your family and may even increase in value while doing so.

  1. Luxury watches are a symbol of your hard work

You work hard for your money which is why it’s perfectly ok to splurge on yourself once in a while. Luxury watches are a symbol of your hard work. In other words, luxury watches can serve as a status symbol for where you currently are in your life and can be viewed as another way of saying, “I made it”. Not only will a luxury watch help to reflect your hard work and the challenges you’ve overcome throughout your career, but it will also make you feel a sense of power while doing so.

  1. Luxury watches are a piece of craftsmanship

Last, but certainly not least, luxury watches are truly a piece of craftsmanship. Unlike other watches on the market, there is a great deal of detail and passion that goes into creating each luxury watch. A luxury watch isn’t just a watch, but it’s also a way to express yourself and can be viewed as a piece of art. In most scenarios, the more expensive the watch is the more craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation.

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Invicta Reserve Women’s Subaqua BL Swiss Quartz Diamond Watch

This exquisite watch comes covered in 294 diamonds and is a shining example of luxury! Inside of the 34mm case, this luxury watch comes with a Swiss quartz movement. Even better, it’s a limited edition of 500, meaning that this Reserve Subaqua Blue label watch is truly made as a status piece!

Invicta Reserve Venom Shutter 47mm Swiss Quartz Chrono MOP Watch

The Invicta Reserve Venom Shutter Watch comes with a three-hand movement and a trip of chronograph subdials, meaning that every second you wear it, you’re in good hands! Inside the 47mm case, there’s a top-of-the-line Swiss quartz movement that powers the overall functional side of this elegant timepiece. The best part? By simply turning the second crown on the watch at 10:00, you can control a shutter that both opens and closes over the dial – hence where it got its name!

Invicta Reserve Chaos 50mm Automatic Bracelet Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that can help you to find a little bit of balance in your otherwise hectic life, the Invicta Reserve Chaos may be the perfect watch for you! It comes with a thin, stainless-steel bracelet with durable links that won’t weigh you down! It also comes framed by a two-tone, gear-shaped bezel and a simple dial. This watch is great for helping to keep you on track, so you don’t have to!