5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Switch To Vegan Beauty Products


The vegan beauty market which had a sluggish start is now booming. There has been an increase in activism levels all over the world. Consequently, there has been a general rise in awareness of how mundane activities in one’s daily lives affect the planet detrimentally. With this rise in awareness customers have started shifting towards more organic and environmentally friendly products. The cosmetics industry has been regularly berated by activist groups for its extensive use of animal based ingredients and other environmentally unfriendly practices. Thus, customers all over the world have started switching to vegan make-up even if they can’t manage to imbibe a vegan diet. Following are 5 reasons why adopting vegan make-up is a good idea for all cosmetic users. 

Free of animal based ingredients

Vegan make-up products don’t make use of any animal-based elements. This means that it does not partake in animal cruelty that comes with obtaining these ingredients. All companies producing vegan make-up have verifications that prove that they don’t use such ingredients. However, vegan make-up might still be tested on animals. This means that there are companies that produce vegan make-up but are not completely cruelty-free. Having said that, there are companies that are cruelty free along with being vegan. 

Lesser harmful chemicals 

Not only do vegan make-up items not contain ingredients related to animals, it also doesn’t have a lot of harmful chemicals. Prevalence of harmful chemicals in cosmetics is a norm. This norm has resulted in numerous skin allergies and reactions for its users. Vegan make-up utilizes natural ingredients that not only make your skin and hair look good, but also makes them feel good. 

Wide range of options

One might expect that with so many restrictions on its manufacturing, vegan products don’t have variety. Customers might also assume that their options would be limited to only certain products. But vegan make-up ranges from vegan shampoos and body washes to vegan nail polish and lipstick. Foundation, mascara, gloss, hair spray, eye liner, eye shadow – you name it and the vegan make-up range will have it somewhere.  

Better results

Not only do vegan make-up producers offer a range of options, they also ensure better results. The production of vegan make-up uses better recipes that incorporate natural ingredients and better technology processes. These ingredients include but are not limited to eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, sandalwood etc. Years of research have resulted in companies honing their products to perfection. So users of these products can expect better results in terms of the health of their skin and hair. 

Lead a better life

Adopting a vegan diet is not an easy choice. However, using vegan make-up is the easiest step one can take to become slightly more environmentally friendly. Thus, switching to vegan make-up products will help you lead a better life. 

Vegan make-up don’t just reduce your carbon footprint, but also reduces animal cruelty and improves your skin quality. Honestly, there is no reason to not adopt them at once.