5 Reasons Why Microfiber Dust Mops are Great for Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors require good upkeep. If you want your floors to look gorgeous and exuding inside strength, make sure to have a proper daily cleaning technique in place. 

It should ensure a deep and penetrative cleaning mechanism with microfibers that delve into the nooks, crannies, and crevices of the wood boards. Temples Pride mops with microfibers are ideal for the purpose and you can easily get them on Amazon!!

Here is why microfiber dust mops are the best fit for cleaning wooden floors:

Super Handy and Easy-to-use

The mop with the handle stick is all-in-all 18 inches long. Light of weight and uncomplicated to maneuver, it can be handled by anyone in the house – men, women, or children. 

The gossamer weight and delicate build of the mop make it suitable for users to drive the mop pad attached at the end of the handle stick to be driven into cramped corners, under furniture, and along narrow passageways of the house. 

Attachable Microfiber Pads

Worried that washing the microfiber pad will be an extra chore for you with that long handle attached to it? Forget that trouble, for you can easily detach the cleaning pad from the handle when needed, clean, scrub, and dry it before reattaching it to the handle to commence your next cleaning session. 

Also, when the microfiber pad runs scruffy with wear and tear, you can change it for a fresh pad from Amazon!

Easy to Clean

The microfiber pad is suitable for machine-cleaning and you can get almost all the dirt out of it with just one spin in the washer. To get rid of absorbed oil and more stubborn stains in the cleaning pad, keep it submerged in detergent-soap water overnight before the wash, and you will get a good clean cloth as good as new!

No Bending Over Backward

Microfiber Mops with a handle ensures deep and smooth cleaning without the user having to flip over on her toes to achieve this feat. You will find the handle to this mop sturdy and robust. Also, there are adjustable gears on this handle by which you can lengthen or shorten the stick as per your requirement. 

Extended Coverage

The microfiber mop has good coverage for large floor spaces. You can the total circumference of a long hallway in a minute or two with this mop’s 18-inch base and work in a more optimized fashion when in a hurry. Fast and easy clean-ups with a wet microfiber mop or dusting with a dry pad is now a breeze with this innovative hand tool.

Convenient Storage

You won’t need an exceptionally spacious broom closet to fit this nice little mop inside. Despite the length of the mop handle, it can be easily adjusted and made to fit inside snug cupboard spaces. 

Stay one step ahead of your cleaning schedules now with this fast and super-easy to use microfiber mops all days of the week!